[SOLVED] 1080 SC GTX EVGA Caught on smoke almost on fire

Oct 2, 2020
Hello, yesterday I had a problem, and I burned my card and I wanted to find out what happened, if my computer is safe or is I really likely to burn another card.

The thing is the following I have many doubts and I would like answers to this. And I want the community to give me good answers and help me with all this maybe someone will have asnwers in the future if they have the same problem.

My computer has:

- Asus 270 prime A motherboard

- 1080 SC from EVGA

- 750 corsair FM PSU.

- I7-7700k

- Water cooled Hv100 corsair


All were buy and build in 2016, Im the unique owner, and I just plat fornite in low settings, or do some photoshop or video editing time to time.

My 1080 GTX burned yesterday. I was playing fornite and suddenly the monitor went off, and it started turning on fans and it started blowing smoke, my computer almost caught fire.

I turn off my computer, remove the card, let it cool down, and then turn on my computer without the card, my computer was all fine. No sign of anything burn, and its working without the Graphics Card.

When I put it back in the cold graphics card, it blew more smoke and obviously turned off.

Afther that I take out my Graphics card again and there was no damage to the other components besides the graphics card. I will give some pictures to detaill all the chipset that burn in the graphics card.I have never Overclocked.

Knowing all this story I have a lot of questions.

-My PSU is bad?
-The card was defective?
-Should I change my PSU?
-My pcie or the port where the card was is defective?
-Can I put a new graphics card in the same pcie port without being afraid that the new one will burn again? Or its my power suppy that is causing all this trouble?
-Why did this happen with my card? ----> the most important

Maybe its the VRM chip

This is something that has me very concerned. Thanks for answering the questions. I will appreciate if you can answer with detailed answers.

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You will need to inspect the GPU for any signs of burn damages around the GPU as well(the motherbaord and other components). I'd also ask you to see if you can source another PSU that's reliably build to power the system. Your GPU's...seems to be dead.