Question 2 fan cables to 1 fan header without splitter

Aug 31, 2020
I want to connect 2 fans (0.10A each) in 1 fan header, but I don't have the fan cable splitter... Can I cut the 2 fan cables and put them in 1 connector? Will it work without the splitter?


You can IF you know how to solder a bit. Disassembling the connector on one so you can join wires by crimping and re-assembling is one way, but can be hard to do. Instead, simply splice wires of the same colour together EXCEPT for one - detail below. Snip the connector off the end of the wires of one fan and bare about ¼" of each wire end. On the other fan, carefully cut off a short length of the insulation on each wire near its connector. For each splice, match the colours and wrap the end of the first fan's wire around the exposed second fan's wire. Solder each connection gently then wrap each with vinyl electrical tape. You are simply connecting wires for the two fans in parallel so they both get the same signals.

Do NOT join the speed signal wires, however. The mobo fan header can only deal with a speed signal from ONE fan, so you cannot send it both fan's speed signals. So, which is that? It is always Pin #3 (well, actually Hole #3 since these are female connectors), but the color code is different for 3- and 4-pin fans. On a 3-pin fan, the Speed signal is the YELLOW wire at one end. On a 4-pin fan, look closely at the two ridges running down one side of the connector. One is at one end just outside Hole #1, and the other is between Hole #3 and Hole #4. So that will tell you which is the #3 Hole. To verify, most 4-pin fans use the colours: 1=Black, 2=Yellow, 3=Green, 4=Blue. But SOME use 1=Black, 2=Red, 3-Yellow, 4=Blue. For the wires of each fan from Hole #3, simply do not bare the wires anywhere, and coil up the unused wire from the first fan and tape it so it won't short out somewhere.