Question AMD RX 580 crashing while gaming ?

Jan 8, 2021
Since I’ve upgraded my cpu, ram and motherboard and now my rig crashes at least once while gaming. I’ll get different errors every time (all related to the gpu). The gpu temperatures are around 50 degrees Celsius normally. My ram runs at 3600mhz and my cpu is not overclocked. I’ve tested them both so I’m concluding it has to do with my gpu.
I’ve used the rx 580 for mining, I’ve already flashed the (correct) stock bios and its back to normal settings. I’m running the 21.2.2 driver. Had the same issue on the 20.xx drivers
My specs:

  • ryzen 5 3600
  • asrock b450 pro 4
  • 2x 8gb ddr4 3600mhz g-skill ripjaws
  • MSI rx580 8gb OC
  • hx1200i psu
*note: I’ve had the same issue before the upgrade, however it occurred very rarely.
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