Question Can I use a 4G router as a typical router?


May 9, 2020
I live in an Eastern European countryside where my internet connection is atrocious (<3mb/s).

Surprisingly though, the mobile data speeds are really good (>100mb/s).

I'm going to buy a 4G router (probably a tp-link mr600 v1) and use it along with an unlimited data plan (side note: there's no 5G where I live yet).

My internet service provider told me that they'll bring fiber to my area sometime next year. When (or if) that happens, will I be able to use my 4G router as a typical router?

The answer is probably no, since it has no DSL port, but one of the Lan ports is marked as Lan/Wan, what does that mean? Why is it different than the other Lan ports?

Tanks in advance for your help!
On a typical router, the WAN port usually goes to the DSL modem, the LAN ports are used to connect the computers using LAN cables so that they can have access to Internet.

As your router is also a modem, you can connect any computer to that port using LAN cable.
Be very careful to check that the router will actually function on the ISP 4g network. Even 4g means little since the vendors have many variations but I guess it is find out what one gives the 100mbps.

The problem is the router must have mobile broadband radio chips that work on the frequencies you need. The SIM chip is a security device it does not contain the radio chips. The router also must support your actual ISP since many require special login methods and you can not just load a driver into a router it much support it in the firmware already.
Hard to say likely talk to the ISP you are going to get the 4g from and see if they can confirm it will work on the fastest speeds.

You are very lucky if a ISP offers a truly unlimited data plan on a data device. It is something very rare in most countries. They offer unlimited on phones but if you tether it or move the sim to a data device it becomes some other not unlimited plan.

But you main question is easy. The router has a WAN port. Fiber installs normally have some kind of modem they place in your house. You just connect this to the wan port. In many cases if they run fiber all the way to the house the device they place in the house is both a modem and a router so you will not need your router.

Tom cruise432

Sep 13, 2022
As long as it is within the network range of the network service offered by your cell operator, you are free to use a 4G WiFi router anyplace you want to share your internet connection. A router with a built-in DSL modem is known as a DSL modem router. It can offer phone line-based internet connectivity