[SOLVED] Computer started shutting off and on during boot

Dec 31, 2020
MB: MSI Z97 PC Mate
CPU: Intel i5-4690k
RAM: 4x 4gb DDR3-1600 CL9 (G.Skill Ripjaw Series)
Storage: 2x Samsung 860 Evo 500GB
PSU: EVGA 600B 600watt

Recently my pc has been shutting off after a few seconds of hitting the power button then powering back up.
Everything shuts off momentarily but comes back on after a few seconds on its own.
The build is about 4 years old and the only changes I've made to it are two additional RAM sticks I added in several weeks ago.

When I shut my pc off then flipped PSU switch on and off I didn't encounter the issue. I don't know if that's an indication that it may be a PSU issue but it was worth noting.
Dec 31, 2020
That could be the PSU or the motherboard issue.
If you remove the added RAM modules, does the issue goes away?

I took the RAM modules out and gave them a good dusting to be sure and it started up with no problems.
However, I did another boot just to be sure and I encountered the same problem. It will continually boot loop until it finally boots successfully.
Any BIOS updates available for that motherboard?

Try resetting the BIOS and see if that helps.
To reset the BIOS power off PC, power off PSU and disconnect power cable.
Press power button for 20 seconds to discharge capacitors.
Remove the CMOS battery and wait 5-10 minutes before installing it back.
Place the 4 RAM modules into the motherboard.
Connect power cable, power on PSU and press power button.

When you mix RAM, it might take longer for the system to POST since it could be trying to find the best settings for the RAM modules to work together.
If the system powers on and you could get into the BIOS, perform a RAM diagnostics with Memtest86

It is hard to predict the outcome when you mix and match RAM stick that where not tested to work together.
Even when they appear to be similar, the IC chips might come from different manufactures.
Mixing RAM could caused the motherboard to refuse to work even when the RAM appear to have similar specs.
To be sure that RAM will work together you will have to buy RAM kits.
That's why manufacturers and vendors won't provide support for mixed RAM configurations.
Dec 31, 2020
Yes, I believe there have been some updates available the last time I checked. I've actually never updated the bios since I built this machine in 2015. I've never had any problems since the initial install.

I'll look into resetting the BIOS.
Would restarting opposed to shutting down be affected by a RAM mix-up? The system seems to restart fine without looping.

I've had these new RAM modules in for several weeks without any problems. Is it possible for issues with RAM to occur weeks after installation?