Question Crashing whilr gaming with no signal

Mar 20, 2020
Hello everyone and hope you are doing well.
For a while now, I have this problem. In most games i play while gaming or sometimes even before the game loads my pc keeps crashing with a no signal error and i cant do anything while it so im forced to reboot the computer from the restart button on the pc case. Most times after the reboot when i start the game again it doesnt crash . Sometimes Im tweaking the gpu clock and the memory clock from Sapphire trixx or Msi afterburner but that doesnt seem to be a solution. So recenlty i downloaded the new CoD Warzone and the game was running pretty smooth had no frame drops or anything with the graphics set to normal-high. Guess what, it started crashing with no signal or sometimes it was just crashing to desktop. Even after rebooting the pc or tweaking in afterburner same thing kept happening. In general the game was unplayable and i uninstalled it. 2 days ago i bought GTA V just to play some roleplay with friends on some servers. I have the game running on max setting with pretty high and stable fps and i had no problem with it untill i joined the roleplay servers. The game was constantly crashing with no signal again forcing me to reboot the pc or sometimes it wasnt responding. Again reboot and tweaking didnt help at all. So i checked the task manager and noticed my gpu usage while it was crashed and not repsonding was at 1-2%. I have tried a lot of thing the past 2 days to fix the problem. I uninstalled the gpu drivers with DDU, defraged all my disks, run antivirus and antimalware but nothing happend. I dont know what to do so im really asking you guys to help me. Im writting my full pc specs bellow:

CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.30ghz
GPU: Sapphire radeon rx 580 nitro+ 8gb
Ram: 8gb
PSU; Corsair CX500
Storage; 128 gb SSD,, 240gb HDD