Apr 17, 2022
My ethernet speeds for my desktop continue to drop. I'm unable to watch netflix and youtube. Downloads take a while to complete.

Currently I have gigabit ethernet speeds from verizon fios 940/880. On my family's mac, the speeds seem to be limited to and get 100/100 however this is likely due to the mac being old. I used to receive 1000/1000 on my personal desktop however the other day this stopped. If I run a google speed test the download speed starts high at 800 and then drop to around 100. My upload speed on the google test gets 0.5 Mbps upload. On other speed tests I receive numbers ranging from 500-900 on both upload and download. The Mac computer runs perfectly fine with no network interruptions and gets 90/90 ethernet (low speeds because it's old).

I've checked with another windows computer. The ethernet speeds are low and inconsistent there as well. I've tried multiple cables on different ports of the router with the same result.

What could cause these drops?