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  1. Concxrd

    Question Loading times into games

    I have Had long loading times into games such as Overwatch Rainbow6 Siege PUBG and really any game that has a Big map or what not i have done more than 5+ hours of research it is not my SSD due to it being clean and i having three it could be my Ram or my CPU i really don't know my temperatures...
  2. B

    Question Windows stuck on * setup is starting * windows 10 installation

    Hi guys i bought a new seagate 1tb , and im trying to install windows 10 via dvd When i try to install it , windows 10 loading takes 2 mins, after that * install* now * setup is starting* it takes forever and nothing happen , i waited 30 my mins and the screen stuck on setup is starting ! Plz...
  3. Carlosantini

    Question Why cant i update the nvidia drivers? Black screen

    Hi, i have a geforce gtx 1060 asus expedition oc edition. To install the drivers to this specific gpu i have to go on asus site and download the vga drivers of my graphic card from there. They did a new update to the 430.86 and i downloaded it. But then after download when i attempted...
  4. S

    Question Black textures in most games

    Lately, I've been noticing that in some games the textures have been glitching. They're just black squares, and not showing anything. I've been experiencing this in most of the games like ROBLOX, and Zula. Minecraft and CS: WaRzOnE on the other hand are just fine. This was happening in the past...
  5. S

    Question Videos won't load after power outage (likely wrong category)

    Today I had a power outage from a storm, all was routine until i tried loading a YouTube video and got message saying "if video continues to load, refresh". I did and still no luck. To troubleshoot I tried Twitch, Vudu, and Netflix, all infinitely loading. I did the routine cache clearing...
  6. M

    Question Game crashes when it loads faster??

    Hello all. I used to run Unturned on steam smoothly without any problems until they decided to update the unity to a newer version, that's where the problems started for me and the game didn't even make it through the full loading screen ever since and crashes with "mono.dll caused an Access...
  7. MrN1ce9uy

    Discussion Ubisoft Pre-Orders - Worth It?

    Ubisoft spent the past 6 months or more advertising The Division 2 Private Beta with pre-order. I ignored Ubisoft's advertisements for 6 months because I thought to myself, "who pre-orders a game to play a private beta that is 5 months away?" Turns out my gut instinct of being ripped off was...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrading i3-4160 CPU

    Hey everyone, I just want to ask and inquire a little more information about whether or not I can upgrade my CPU (i3-4160) to an i5 or i7 without needing to replace my entire motherboard. I'm currently running a GTX 1060 6GB of DDR5. This pair was working together effortlessly until I...
  9. M

    I need help to decide

    Can someone help me, i am in the trouble because i dont know what CPU to buy. I will use my computer for programing and gaming a lot, what should CPU i should buy ryzen 5 1600x,ryzen 5 2600 or i5 7600K :/ :/
  10. M

    can not restart

    hi after i updated the drivers of my lenovo laptop, it offered to restart. from then on when i restart my laptop, it displays restarting but it shuts downs. windows10
  11. F

    Looking for similar Fractal Design R5 standoffs

    I'm trying to find some extra standoffs for my Fractal Design R5 case. It's harder than I thought to find the exact (or near) size.The screw part is about 3 or 4mm long (shorter than others I have seen) and the other part is around 6mm long. Here is a photo... Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. M

    Toshiba Satellite Chasis, Case, Restpalm to Model C845D-SP4186KM

    Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite C845D-SP4186KM with a lot of parts broken althought the laptop is working in that way I would like change the chasis completely but I couldn´t found it in the common online stores. Do you know if this model is similar to another? Thanks in advance...
  13. B

    Should I turn off my graphics card on my laptop, what is the benefit?

    I just bought a laptop with this graphics card: Nvidia 920MX 2GB I looked at the benchmarks for video card, and the stock integrated that comes with my i5-8250u chip is an Intel HD620 and it's just as powerful as the Nvidia.... Should I disable the Nvidia to save battery? Is there a benefit...
  14. J

    Doom Product Key Giveaway

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I recently purchased a graphics card that came with a free copy of Doom. I'm not planning to play it myself, so if anyone would like the coupon code pm me. I'll give it to the first person I hear from.
  15. S

    Shader.arc in RESIDENT EVIL 5

    When im trying to installing the game the launcher showing c/..........nativePC/system/shader10.arc.how to solve this
  16. M

    I Can't Change My Default Downloads Path

    I recently installed a new hard drive to replace my current one. I copied all the data of the old one on to the new drive. I went into "This PC" and changed all the default download destination paths to my new drive. But there is a problem. Whenever I download something on Ninite, the downloaded...
  17. J

    PC not performing to specs

    I unboxed my PC today and it's had absolutely abysmal FPS on games it should be running pretty solidly. Games like Battlefield 1 get around 10 fps on low and less demanding games like Lego Star Wars: TFA (which isn't exactly known for its top teir graphics) needs to be run at 720p on low to get...
  18. L

    TroubleShooting New GPU

    I've installed a new video card and my computer does not go past the first screen where you press F2 or F9 to enter bios. It stays frozen on that screen, and then moments later a beep comes from the mb. My mb manual gives 2 beep options. 3 consecutive beeps for not detecting cpu or 1 long and 8...
  19. M

    Please connect PCie power cables issue.

    Please power down and connect the PCie power cabless to your graphic card. This is the message i get as soon as i turn on the PC . I connected one PCoe to the gf but it has two slots and i dont have two PCie cables. Do i need two? What do i do. The graphic card is gtx 960 4g windforce.
  20. G

    Graphics card very hot with side panel on

    My graphics card gets ~80 degrees C while gaming which I know isn't that high but if I take the side panel off, it goes down to ~70 degrees C. How can I fix this? Idles temps improved from ~50 C to about ~45 without the side panel as well.