Question GPU not working when PCI-E cables plugged in?

Sep 4, 2019
I'm in desperate need of help!

Computer specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5 7600K
RAM: 16GB HyperX DDR4
GPU: EVGA 980ti SC
PSU: Corsair CX650M (old PSU) & TX650M (new PSU)

About 3 days ago my computer would hard restart when launching any game (from Destiny 2 to Classic WoW). Me and my friends believed this was a power issue as it seemed that when the GPU would draw more power the PC would just shut down.

I ran Prime95 with no problems for over 2 minutes. After I ran FurMark and as soon as I pressed "Go!" the PC shut down. This led us to believe it was either the PSU or GPU. After turning the PC on again I re-tried FurMark and this time it wen't perfectly. I then tried Prime95 and FurMark at the same time and had no issues. I then opened Classic WoW and the PC shut down.

The computer runs perfectly on integrated graphics and I could play classic WoW (and not much else) to my hearts content.

The error in event manager was Kernel Power: 41.

I then tried:

  • Removing each RAM stick and trying every combination of RAM on my MOBO
  • Changing the PCI-E port on my motherboard
  • Re-installing windows and all drivers
  • Re-installing games that had caused the problem (every game I tested caused the restart)
  • Un-plugging all cables in PC and re-plugging them in
  • Removing all but the necessary cables to boot (removed un-used HDD's, LED strips, Fan controller, Hue+, etc)
  • Updating BIOS
  • Resetting BIOS
After this I decided to buy a new PSU as my previous PSU was bronze rated and thought it would be cheaper than buying a new GPU to test.

My Corsair TX650M arrived today and I unplugged all the cables and removed the old PSU and plugged in only the necessary cables. I hit the power button and nothing, the computer didn't post and all I could hear was the coil in the PSU.

I thought straight away "well that confirms it's the GPU" so I removed it and the computer turned on as normal.

I then tried:

  • Uninstalling the integrated graphics drivers
  • Trying 2 different PCE-I cables
  • Removing the GPU from the PCI-E slot but leaving the cables in to see if power was reaching the card
On all 3 occasions nothing happened. I then tried to boot the computer with the GPU in the PCE-I slot but not pluggin in the PCI-E cables. The LED on the GPU turned on and the fans stuttered. This is where it confused me.

My friend brought over his GTX 1060 and the computer fired up like normal and opens games perfectly. His 1060 has 1 6-pin connector.

This led me to believe that the problem with my 980ti is something to do with the 6+8 pin connector. Is this even possible? Neither me or any of my IRL/online friends have ever heard of a GPU dying this way.

Many thanks for any help!
Sep 4, 2019
So far I've tried all 3 cables (2 came with new PSU as well as the one that came with the CX650M) and none have worked.