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    Question Coolant leaked...FRIED some GPU pins and MB PCI-E slot connections....

    Looking for anyone that know something about the pins and connections for the PCI-E slot and GPU pins. I have a question about what some of the specific pins/slot connectors for the PCI-E slot on my MB and the related pins for the GPU specifically do..... So, unfortunately (for me) my liquid...
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    [SOLVED] I need help with semi modular power supply

    I bought new pc and i planning to building it tomorrow my psu is semi modular Corsair TX550M ,but i'm not sure yet in which of those psu modular cable ports i need to plug sata and pci-e cables
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    Question fixed

    So, I updated my GIGABYTE motherboard BIOS for compatibility for a PCI-E USB 3.0 that I had just put into the motherboard (that the motherboard was not detecting...?) so that I could use my Oculus Rift S (I had Etron USB 3.0 before, which is not supported by the Rift S) Anyways, every time I...
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    [SOLVED] PCI-e and Sata 3 SSD speed paradox (need an expert)

    Hello there tech savvy people, I'm having an itching question that needs to be answered satisfactory by a storage tech expert. Main question : Does more SSD writing speed worth it at all? Here's a random example; Sata 3 Samsung 860 QVO 1TB Advertised Read Speed : 550MB/s Advertised Write...
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    [SOLVED] Can I boot from 970 EVO PCI-e on this pc?

    How can I determine if the 970 Evo will work on my Essentio CM6730? It has these pcie slots 2 x PCI-e x 1 1 x PCI-e x 16 Is that sufficient for the SSD speeds? Are there options I need to be able to configure in the BIOS? I've never considered a pci-e SSD before.
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    Question GPU not working when PCI-E cables plugged in?

    I'm in desperate need of help! Computer specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 7600K COOLER: NZXT Kraken X62 RAM: 16GB HyperX DDR4 GPU: EVGA 980ti SC MOBO: MSI Z270 SLI PLUS PSU: Corsair CX650M (old PSU) & TX650M (new PSU) About 3 days ago my computer would hard restart when launching any game (from...
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    [SOLVED] Can a faulty PCI-E Slot cause worse FPS in games?

    Over the past 2 days I have been troubelshooting a sudden large decrease in FPS within my games. The strange thing is, in benchmarks (3DMark) I was getting absolutely normal scoring. I even beat my previous record slightly. When it came to playing games however my FPS would be unplayable and...
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    Question Should I plug in the split pci-e cable coming from my gpu?

    Specs- Cpu: fx9590 Gpu: Gtx 1060 6g dual fan Mobo: Sabertooth 990fx R2 Memory: 16gb DDR3 1866/10 Storage: 240gb ssd Here's two pics of it
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    Question Which motherboard GPU slots can I use NV-LINK for my Z390 Godlike? Specifically using a 4-slot NV-Link

    Hello all, I have this Z390 Godlike Motherboard: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813144209?Description=z390%20godlike&cm_re=z390_godlike-_-13-144-209-_-Product I plan on buying another 2080 Ti and adding a 4-slot NV-Link. (Not a 3-slot NV-Link) Using the picture from the top to bottom, are...
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    Question GTX 1070 Code 43 Error after installing new PCI-e Card. SLI Issues

    Hello Everyone, Hoping I can get some help here. My second GPU is returning a code 43 error, installed in my second PCI-e port (second closest to the CPU) PC Specs: Mobo: Gigabyte x99 Ultra Gaming CPU: Intel i7 6800k no overclock RAM: 2x 16gb ddr4 GPU: 2x Nvidia GTX 1070 - Working: 1...
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    Question How to diagnose a dead PCI-E slot

    My PC broke down a few months ago and I'm just getting around to repairing it. When it broke I had a "GTX 750 TI" that I bought off of Ebay and it turned out to be a GTX 550 TI. Well that was when things went south... the computer refuses to post and I was thinking it was the RAM, the...
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    Question Dead PCI-E slot or bad GPU?

    Hello all, I recently built my PC about a week ago and everything was going fine. I had built it at a friends house and after taking it home and plugging it in I saw I had the red VGA led light on my MOBO. This issue was not present after building at his house and only started happening when I...
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    Question SSD Adapters

    I own a shop and was curious if anyone has found a PCIe and Mac SSD adapter to Sata or USB that is an all in one. Don't mind paying the money for something that is a device that can adapt to any pinout.
  14. olaf

    [SOLVED] Z97 Nvme complications

    So i have an Asus Z97-C (https://goo.gl/MNFgiH), with the latest UEFI version that's available recent as it is, the damned thing won't boot from a M.2 NVME while the Sata controller is in RAID. The problem is i have a 4 drive Raid array that is a pain to dismantle and i am not inclined to do...