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Question Gtx 1070ti Problems


Oct 12, 2017
Hello! I'm a tech heavy kinda person but clueless when it comes to GPU's. My friend gave me his 1070ti when he bought a whole new pc and I plugged it in, Image was fine, games ran perfectly fine but no fans spinning and no LED's working on the plate. I reseated it, reconnected wires, redid drivers and all. Any help on to what it could be? My friend isnt a tech person so this could of already been an issue with him. Idk what to do, no warranty on it as of now either. is it worth getting fixed from someone? Or maybe even buying a watercooler for it instead? Thanks for advice in advanced!
Provide full PC specs. What's the make and model number of your PSU ? Have you plugged the PCI-E cables to the GPU ?

Provide the exact brand and Model number of the GTX 1070 Ti GPU. Does it have the "fan stop" feature, aka 0db technology, meaning the fans won't spin unless a certain TEMP threshold is met, e..g 60 C ?