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  1. N

    Question Really poor performance

    As of very recently my 1660 super has been performing really poorly. For example last week I could pay starwars battlefront 2 at around 110 - 150fps on the high preset. Now my pc wont even achieve 60 fps. This is consistent with many games. I've made sure v sync isnt on. My monitor is...
  2. DCape

    Question ASUS GPU tweakII - NOT WORKING!!

    Hello! Recently I have run into a problem with my ASUS GPU tweakII program. I use it just to control my temps on graphis card, so basically just to control my GPU fans. But the program just stoped working. I can't turn on my fans and basically I can't do anything. I tried to reinstall the...
  3. galaxyhq

    Question Graphics card no longer works / PCIE issue?

    I have a GTX 1060 and I recently opened up my prebuilt computer to fix some of the terrible cable management they did. As I was removing my graphics card the little clip on the PCIe slot to hold the card it broke off. Now when I plug in the graphics card and power on, the monitor does not come...
  4. B

    Question I broke pcie slot motherboard

    Hey guys so i.broke the pcie slot when.i.unplug the gpu by acciedent , the slot is just.came out from motherboard , the question is , i have a dual gpu slot , is it safe if i put the gpu.on the other slot? Thanks
  5. squib

    [SOLVED] I think my HDD is dying

    Hello, I think my Seagate 2TB Barracuda is dying after just 4 months. It's been making noises similar to a Geiger counter, and I could swear that I've heard it click at least once. My PC specs are: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.3ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Mobo: TUF GAMING X570-PLUS...
  6. T

    Question Help! Bsod then black screen.

    Hello, so I was downloading Battlefront 2 and when I started it up, it said I needed to update the gpu drivers. I have rx 580 4gb by the way. So I go to AMD's website and I attempt to download the GPU drivers.So I tried to download the drivers But in the middle of it when it started downloading...
  7. M

    Question PC just died and need to know why

    I recently upgraded my pc with a ryzen 5 3600 and new ram. Everything worked fine for a couple of days until today while playing fortnite and messing with settings the screen turns off but fans and stuff still spin. I turn off the pc and then turn it back on. Fans spin, leds light up on...
  8. Y

    Question Gtx 1070ti Problems

    Hello! I'm a tech heavy kinda person but clueless when it comes to GPU's. My friend gave me his 1070ti when he bought a whole new pc and I plugged it in, Image was fine, games ran perfectly fine but no fans spinning and no LED's working on the plate. I reseated it, reconnected wires, redid...
  9. D

    Question Computer won't boot

    One day I started getting a bunch of blue screens. I could start up my pc, go to the the desktop. But once I launched an app or something I'd get a blue screen. I tried taking my ram out and back in but when I pressed the power button, the fans spin and the leds go up but nothing goes to my...
  10. AndrewSem

    Question Enermax white 360 RGB Cooler

    I have tried everything to fix the rgb but it seems that only 2 of the rgb leds will light up, the 3rd and the 7th. The third led is stuck on red and the 7th on green. I am worried that something shorted. I have tried using the controller and everything else. I unplug the controller the leds...
  11. M

    Question Second monitor works with DVI cable but not DisplayPort

    I recently bought a new monitor (VG27aq), and after having both hooked up via displayport to my gpu, it worked well for some time. One week into having my new monitor, my old monitor(VG248QE) stopped receiving signal. I tried updating my gpu's drivers and that didn't fix the problem. So...
  12. T

    Question How do I know if my CPU or RAM is bad?

    When I turn on my PC, nothing shows up on the monitor. Even though all the case fans and CPU fans are all working, nothing posts. I have already sent my motherboard back to ASUS and they said the problem cannot be duplicated, so it must be my CPU or RAM. CPU: Intel core i3-8100 Motherboard...
  13. U

    Question Excessive fps problems. Help?

    Hello all, I built a PC for my brother about a year and a half ago and now all of the sudden it's having issues while gaming. I ran multiple benchmarks, updated all the drivers, and windows, and can't seem to figure out the issue. All the benchmarks and temps seem fine. I have a similar system...
  14. Question Bad hard drive hangs diskpart. How to fix?

    Hi, I recently bought a SATA bay drive for my laptop to get a dedicated drive for booting Linux. I didn't buy an extra hard drive as I already had one from a previous laptop that died a few years ago. So I plug it in and the speed is atrocious. I tried to format it with Windows, I tried Gparted...
  15. J

    Question My computer keeps on randomly shutting off and I dont know why

    My specs: Ryzen 3 2200g GTX 1650 Super (New) 2x8gb Hyper x furry ddr4 2666mhz (1 stick brand new) Asus Prime a320m-e (brand new replacement) Cooler Master 550w modular MWE 80+ gold 240gb BX500 Crucial SSD 2tb Firecuta SSHD...
  16. R

    Bought a broken r9 390x for cheap(duplicate)

    already made another thread on this cannot delete
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Broken fans

    My Corsair front Af140 fans are broken. They are making loud noises and don't run well anymore. I want to replace them but my knowledge of fans isn't that great. My question is if anyone can help me with some sugestions to replace the broken fans. I've seen some noctua fans etc.. but there are...
  18. T

    Question Is monitor worth repairing?

    Hello, There is something odd with my monitor. The left, upper corner is reddish and kind of distorted (like every pixel would be super visible) while left bottom corner is so far not affected. I have checked this monitor with two devices and by both HDMI and DVI, the problem is the same on...
  19. T

    Question New build won't boot

    Hello all my dad has had a pc for about a year now I built it and put it together and worked fine for a few months then it wouldnt boot, cleared cmos and it worked again but now it's happened again but clearing cmos didnt work. Just wondering if theres anything faulty as I built an identical pc...
  20. E

    Question My pc part(s) had contact with very small amounts of water. What can I do and how long should I wait before starting the pc?

    So first of all I’m an complete idiot and noob at pc’s. Anyways yesterday around 11 o’clock I cleaned my pc for my first time and for some reason forgot that pc + water does not work well. So what I did was that I took a very very lightly moist/damp cloth and ran it over some parts of my gpu...