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  1. Gamesquid

    Question Loose pin on header

    My top left pin of my 3.2 USB header is loose, any help? (Asus ROG STRIX B550 f model)
  2. coolguy93

    Question no signal on monitor

    hello my friend has a gtx 1080ti that has worked perfectly for some time now but today he got into bios and it got reset or something so from then he hasn't gotten any signal to his monitor when the displayport cable is plugged into the graphics card but it works perfectly when plugged into his...
  3. ScarLeRenard

    Question Broken Motherboard ? Flashes LED's for a split second then nothing until i unplug the PSU.

    Hello, I'm having issues with a X299 motherboard i have, to a point i created an account here just for that. The thing is, the motherboard, once plugged to a live PSU, flashes it's stand-by LEDs ( That line most motherboards have down at the bottom left + Also a green light just under the I/O...
  4. kadank3

    Question My gtx1060-6gb was burning, is it fixable?

    My pc started going on an off and I quickly disconnected it. Inside i was greeted with an awful smell. Coming out of my gpu. Would you give my boy any chances?
  5. Ai1dan

    Question My PC wont post, has a whine, and the DRAM light is on

    I was up for hours last night and I have no idea what to do. When I had first turned on the PC it had an odd smell and was making a whine so I turned it off pretty quickly just out of anxiety and looked around the pc. The smell was like a plastic / chemicall-y smell. Later on I took the PC to my...
  6. amco_krkic

    Question Asus A15 laptop broken

    So i have an asus tuf a15 gaming laptop, used to work perfectly fine and was able to play the games i wanted, recently i tried to uninstall a game but ended up wiping my whole C drive some how (yes im retarded). With a bit of help from my friends i was able to get it up and running again but it...
  7. D

    Question is my monitor dead?

    I have a AOC AGON AG322QCX 31.5" WQHD 144Hz VGA HDMI DP LED Monitor i bought like 4 years ago. Almost every time i turn my PC on it has green purple and grey horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. It goes away if i restart the PC sometimes and other times it just goes away. I'm just...
  8. N

    Question Windows 11 restart and update to black screen with old hourglass icon

    After this black screen appeared i let it sit for few hours and nothing happened so i restarted it and it still did the same thing so i spent more frustrating hours until i used my bios to wipe my hard drive with OS on it. I obtained a new windows 10 install and when i boot from the flash drive...
  9. F

    Question need help with cpu

    Hello people, I've upgraded from a Ryzen 3 2200G to a Ryzen 5 5600G. I have this on a MSI B450 Pro-M2 mobo, which is, according to Google and people on forums, compatible with my cpu. I installed the new cpu on my mobo, and it won't work. I checked everything, everything's powered and I updated...
  10. E

    Question Did I end BIOS update too early?

    I was updating my MSI PRO z790-P using the Flash BIOS method. There is a red light flashing in the top left corner and another light (the one that shows if everything works fine. It is glowing red). Keep in mind I am updating AFTER I fully build my new machine so everything is already in the pc...
  11. Padddyy

    Question Potentially broken HDD ?

    I am getting random studdering while gaming, I have all the drivers installed, but my HDD makes a funny rattling/scratching sound. Here is a volume boosted recording of it, so ignore the fan sound, also maybe turn volume up a llittle...
  12. K

    Question Can Ryzen 9 3900XT work without VSS Pin?

    Hello everyome, ive found this 3900XT for like 90$ and guy said that he could boot with his a320 motherboard altrough the 1 pin is missing, and as i found out on internet that one missing pin is VSS. I got that processor and after pressing power up button nothing starts not even the fans. The...
  13. E

    Question Weird laptop issue (won't turn on)

    My laptop has an issue where it will not turn on, plugged in, or not. To get it to turn on, I have to wait one week or so without using it, and then plug it in and turn it on. Once on, it lasts for about five minutes before it switches off and will not turn on again (for another week or so) What...
  14. raptor2012rom

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 doesn't install updates anymore

    Hi guys. Title sums it up. Since december 2022 , Windows updates keeps failing after the restart at 97% or so. I think the first update that failed was December 13 (KB5021233) , I just paused the update wand waited for teh next ones thinking that might fix it but no go , 2 more updates since...
  15. Nova938

    Question HELP RX 580 ARTIFACTS

    I bought an RX 580 used off ebay, which was working, with pictures shown. I downloaded the drivers and used DDU beforehand. It works fine when it is idle. However, when I benchmark it or load a game, the game either crashes or shows heavy artefacts. Temps are around 75 at full load. If it...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Is my motherboard bad?

    I just built my new PC today and I turned it on only to find the DRAM LED on, it then proceeded to turn off and the CPU LED went on. It does this back and forth constantly until it turns itself off then reboots and starts the process all over again. I have check the RAM in a functioning computer...
  17. H

    Question AM4 socket or CPU damage question.

    I did a complete cleaning on my components and stupidly ripped the CPU out of the socket with the fan. I had some bent pins which I carefully fixed and after everything got cleaned I reinserted my CPU. My PC started freezing/shutting down after playing some graphically intensive games randomly...
  18. V

    Question MSI GE60 Laptop Keyboard Key Popped Out

    So I just got my laptop keyboard renewed and while I was testing it the Shift key of the keyboard popped out, and I couldn't figure out how to put it back in. If it isn't clear in the image there's a metal strip inside the keyhole that can be taken out. Also the top left small plastic hooks on...
  19. lunek

    [SOLVED] [ANSWERED] SSD drive shows only in BIOS and device manager

    My SSD drive is shown in BIOS and device manager but not anywhere else. I've tried changing my motherboard to the old one, using USB adapter but nothing works. Although on my friends pc it works just fine.
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Pc wont boot with new gpu and cycles debug lights

    Pc specs: R7 3700x 16gb 3200mhz xpg ram Aorus b450 elite v2 8800 gts 750w corsair psu 1tb wd green ssd Phanteks p400 digital case So I recently sold my 980 ti to get a new gpu, but when I went to install a new gpu into my system, it doesn't boot, cycles between vga cpu and dram debug...
  21. Kogure

    Question Help confirming death of a PSU

    So my PSU is the oldest part in my PC, at just over 8 years old. It's a Corsair CS750M. My PC has also been on for above-average amounts of time over its lifetime, making the 8 years seem like a fairly long time. Yesterday I came back home to see it off and not turning on again. The weird...
  22. qoodL

    Question PC not entering POST

    PC not working Hello everyone! I’ve had my build now for about 4 years now and decided a few days ago to upgrade the GPU and PSU. After adding a 2060 12GB and 750 watt psu, the PC wouldn’t POST at all. The issues were characterized by the GPU fans not spinning at all, my peripherals not...
  23. A

    Question Dumbest series of events

    Hi Toms' Friend's, In a predicament, my screen was cracked and can’t be used. I was using my other monitor but encountered an issue running games so I attempted to install windows 11 via usb. A DX issue or graphics card issue and figured windows 11 would be a good upgrade. However, I was...
  24. U

    Question Weird Monitor Issue

    I'm assuming this is a monitor issue and not my GPU, but something strange has been happening for around 6 months now. I know that's a long time to wait to seek answers, but until today it has always gone away within 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Today, for the first time, it consumed my whole...
  25. HerGoldia

    Question My new HDD drops from 100% to 14% out of nowhere?!

    I don't understand. I didn't drop it or anything. Bought it 3 months ago, used it to store my Music and Clips nothing intensive. What's happening? What can I do to prevent this? Screenshots (sorry for low quality) 500gb 5400rpm Seagate x(
  26. S

    Question Reddragon K630 broken?

    I literally got this keyboard today, I played a game for around 2 hours and then left for a while. I came back and tried to install the Reddragon software for some RGB modes, but as soon as I installed it it’s just not working anymore. I’ve tried uninstalling the software, updating USB and...
  27. B

    Question New GPU - Defective or Working Properly?

    Hi there. I've just built a new desktop pc, but I don't think the GPU is working correctly. I'm using a ASUS RTX 3060 TUF 12GB V2 graphics card with a ASUS TUF Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 motherboard. To give you some backstory. The GPU is outputting video, but I can't find the component listed in my...
  28. UniSense

    Question Please help, pc randomly keeps breaking (master chief assassinated it)

    I let the master chief collection download one day and went to work and when I got back my monitors were off, my fans were on full speed, and the cpu and dram debug lights were on. I reset the cmos battery and it worked and came on for the rest of the day but it keeps happening, I just now got...
  29. Zerenei

    Question Every game I play freezes, hardware issue?

    This started awhile ago, my PC was accidentally dropped about nine months back, I've since replaced the case, the hard drive, and added additional cooling to the PC, it functions fine except when gaming, any game I play while playing freezes for up to 30 seconds and keeps doing this again every...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] Windows Explorer Filepath glitching, causing various other issues?

    After about a days worth of use, the file path in windows explorer becomes glitched, rendering completely incorrectly and bringing in bits of other application icons, the clock, etc. When this happens, Copy/Paste functionality is lost from ShareX's screenshot utility. It also seems to break...
  31. E

    Question GPU behaves weirdly after repaste ?

    To start with, I want to state that before doing any of this, my GPU was perfectly fine, with no odd behavior whatsoever. I've recently bought a used graphics card (yes, I know) as my previous one had died and I obviously needed a replacement since I couldn't live with a gt 730. Despite it...
  32. Pepegard

    Question The pc is not turning off and there is no image

    My girlfriend's pc is not turning off anymore. She was cleaning the desk, accidentally toutched a key and the pc turned on (it was turned off before) but with no display signal and also it does not turn off. Pc Specs: AMD ryzen 5 5600 g Psu aqirys 650w mobo gigabyte b550 2x 8 gb 3200 ram Windows...
  33. TorQueMoD

    Question GPU picture is coming up looking like torn interlaced.

    Hey all, I've got an older GTX 780 GPU that seems to be working, but the image on the monitor just looks interlaced and torn with horizontal lines all over, and occasional solid square blocks here and there. When it first happened it was in the middle of a game and I thought there was a virus...
  34. Coinbro

    Question No Signal, Long Running Issue

    My specs are as follows: Mobo: b550 pro-vdh wifi Cpu- ryzen 5 5600x Gpu: asus rtx 2060 Psu: Seasonic focus px-750 Ram: 2 x 8gb corsair vengeance Whenever I boot up my PC the monitor goes from no cable input detected to no signal. This issue has been long running since around last December...
  35. Macsimum1

    Question Bent and one broken VSS Pin on 5800x - Blackscreen

    Hey! So yesterday I was kind of in a hurry when seating my new AIO and when I was installing the CPU Cooler and Heatsink, the CPU somehow stuck to the Heatsink and I tried to put it in a couple of times before realising. So here I am, with some bent pins and one broken VSS pin. I managed to...
  36. arsa754

    [SOLVED] What is this SMD (Z690 Formula)

    Hi all. I was doing some cable management and stupid me wasn't very careful when I started moving cables around. An RGB cable got stuck on a SMD and managed to break it, and honestly I am not too sure what this even is. I did a quick boot test and it seemed to work fine, but would like to know...
  37. iblybol

    Question PC won't start properly - Blackscreen with underscore in top left corner ?

    When I went to turn on my PC this morning I was immediately met with a black screen and a white underscore in the top left of the screen and keyboard and mouse did not even switch on. I last used the PC the night before where absolutely nothing was wrong and I did not change anything. I have so...
  38. MrFRoZteRz

    [SOLVED] Sudden PC death

    Hi, 2 days ago (25th February) I woke up and pressed on my pc power button before heading to get breakfast at around 9:30 (9:30am). Then when I was done with eating and came back to my room, I noticed that my PC wasn’t running. I pressed the power button again and nothing happened, no fan, no...
  39. HoosierTransfer

    Question possible amd cpu failure

    my pc keeps freezing ive tested gpu, ssd, and ram and i want to know if there is a way to test every function of the cpu. i want to test the memory controller, northbridge, alu, fpu, cores, infinty fabric, apic, and so on. is there a program like intel cpu diagnosic i can use amd ryzen 5...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] M.2 suddenly stopped being detected in BIOS and windows repair

    I have a 2 year old 2TB adata xpg sx8200, this is my only drive atm and my mobo is an msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac. Yesterday I left my PC with a pretty heavy game running to speak to my housemates, I was gone for about 20-30 minutes and when I came back my PC was sat at the BIOS. I was pretty...