Question Headphones suddenly stopped working (tried almost everything)

Oct 1, 2019
About 2 weeks ago my Hyper X Cloud Alpha headset stopped working completely after a windows update. Im not sure if it was the windows update that caused it but thats when it stopped working.

These headphones are plugged in through audio jack in the front panel, and can be plugged in through the back of the computer as well.
Windows COMPLETELY disregards my headset and doesn’t recognize it at all.

When i first installed these headphones i had a similar problem, so to fix it i had to install audio drivers straight from my motherboard manufacturers and the drivers were Realtek. This fixed them at the time.
Now when i try to install realtek it goes through the entire process, restarts my computer with no change. The realtek drivers dont even show up in my device manger

Things ive done to try to fix:
-completely reset windows.
-Install realtek drivers from manufacturer and straight from realtek.
-Switch my base audio drivers to windows High Definition Audio.
-Make sure everything is plugged in
  • do all windows updates
  • uninstall audio drivers and restart pc
  • install legacy drivers through device manangement
  • a few more im probably forgetting
Another thing ive noticed is that in device manger “High Definition Audio Controller” has a yellow ! next to it , and has stayed even after reinstalling windows

If anyone can help me I would be extremely thankful ive been trying to fix this for weeks with no progress.

my base drivers are nVidia high definition audio which do not work at all.