Question How can I get wi-fi in a trailer with no fixed internet?

Sep 1, 2019
Hey guys,

At the moment I need to get wi-fi in a trailer set up. I've got no fixed internet access, so I'm using an indoor 4G wireless router inside the trailer. Unfortunately the signal isn't great.

I am willing to place antenna's on the roof but, I am curious how that would even work? Would the antenna help get the 4G signal or would it just boost the range of 4G coming from the indoor router?

Please help.


Aftermarket roof antenna may help to get the stronger signal but that's it. No range boost with that one. For range boost, you need to do it at the source (indoor router side). E.g add small compatible antenna(es) to boost indoor router's range and signal, if your router is compatible with external antenna(es).


If your trailer is not moving anywhere (not a camping trailer) you might look at getting an outdoor 4G router and bringing the network into the trailer with ethernet cable. Then you can have wired and by adding a WIFI access point, wireless network.
Minimizing the amount of coax and RF loss will maximize your 4G signal.
You can get antenna for some 4g routers. Your first challenge is it must have antenna connectors and many time the ones you see are for wifi not the 4g cell radios. In most cases is you REALLY want to add antenna there are connection on the main board of the router.

The next major issue is most 4g uses mimo to get higher speeds. You will need either 2 antenna mounted 90 degrees off axis or special antenna that has 2 antenna already mounted like this in a single enclosure.

This all may not matter since it is in the grey area if you can legally even use antenna on mobile broadband frequencies. What the law says is the USA is you can use them with permission of the cell company that has the license for the radio frequencies. The cell company is ultimately responsible for any interference and is highly unlikely to give you any paperwork. I have never heard them ever enforcing these laws but the fines are huge.