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Oct 5, 2016

Planning to buy 9 phantek halo digital rgb frames 120mm and was wondering how im supose to connect them all up?

I also read that they're able to be daisy chained, but they have 30 leds each and draw about 1amp ive read (not 100% sure), so thats 9 amp in total. Isnt that a bit too much? I also bought a new PSU, the thermaltake 700w which has nice reviews and good effenciency rating, and it delivers maximum of 17 amps on the 5v rail. But im not sure if all of those 17 amps are available, as other stuff also uses 5v no? link:

(i can buy another psu if absolutely needed)

I sold my mb and bought a b450 strix, but im hopefully returning that one, so i might not have a mb. If you could suggest a mb that fits this build, it would help me alot.

incase you need anymore information this is what my build is going to be.

1080ti aourus
ryzen 5 3600
2x8gb 3600mhz cl16 ram (rgb)
3 corsair ML fans, 3 fractal design dynamic x2 GP 120mm fans (comes from the AIO)
1x10 port fan hub for fans above
1x fractal design celsius s36 AIO (which has its own fan hub and 3 ml fans on it)
bought new thermaltake 700w psu

Got 1 old 30cm RGB strip, bought 2 new akasa ARGB 60cm 15led strips (can remove the old RGB strip if its too much)
going to buy 9 phantek digital halos
x2 ssd
x1 hdd
x1 nvme pcie m.2

thanks in advance for any help and guidance
Not open for further replies.