Question How to Fix "Problem with wireless adapter or access point"?"

May 28, 2019
Good day, I have had issues with my computer's ability to connect to game servers and other messaging services. Loading pages on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox often lead to connection failures. When playing games my ping if often between 50-70, and when displayed packet loss is below 5%. However, now when speaking over apps such as Discord, Xbox, and Messenger I can only stay connected for mere seconds before I tear the call or party apart. In games my ping is seldom under 120 and often spikes to well over 500, with packet loss being catastrophic 70-90% range. I've searched everywhere for solutions bet have yet to find one that would permanently fix my problem. When diognosing my wifi connection I receive the error "Problem with wireless adapter or access point." and "Fixed, but appears again in less than 5 minutes. From checking to see if my card is "enabled", it is, to putting commands into command prompt. I've reinstalled drivers, removed my own wifi card (Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 Wireless Adapter), restarted and updated my computer countless times but the problem persists. Other devices on my network do not suffer the same issues, all of my family's streaming devices, phones, tablets, laptops and my Xbox do not find any issues doing the same tasks as my desktop. My computer is of custom make and has preformed excellently for months now. The connection problems have never existed before now, and after days of searching I cannot find a fix, please help.
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Wifi problems are very hard to find the source because there are few tools. Most things are locked in firmware to prevent people from manipulating setting that violate FCC regulations.

You have already done the most important one which is replace the drivers. You want to leave all the setting on default. You could disable any power save settings if it has them but I doubt that is your issue.

You need to carefully inspect the antenna and antenna cables. It can be very tricky to get those tiny cables correctly connected to board. Also look very carefully for sharp bends in the cables they may have been damaged. Make sure all antenna if this is not a laptop are firmly connected to the cables.

After this you have almost no options. If you can try the computer closer to the router. If it works better I would be suspect of the antenna. If it still works poorly the card likely is defective in some way.