[SOLVED] i9 9900k + TUF Z370


Dec 4, 2016

Currently, I own an Intel 8700. I want to upgrade my system to an 8 core CPU for high refresh rate gaming. So, I was thinking to go for an i9 9900k or an i7 10700k. I am more inclined towards the 9900k as I don't have to buy a new motherboard. But, I am not sure if my current motherboard I.e. Asus TUF Z370 PRO gaming will be able to handle the 9900k as I would be overclocking the CPU between 4.7 - 5.0GHz. The case I am currently using is the Cooler Master H500 Mesh. Dual 200mm fans on the front for intake, a single 200mm fan on the top for exhaust and a single 120mm fan on the rear for exhaust as well. For CPU cooling I have a brand new Noctua NH-D15. Should I go ahead and buy the 9900k with my current setup or should I buy the 10700k with a Z490 motherboard. I am on a tight budget and I would like to save as much money as possible, Please help!

System Specs -
GPU - Zotac RTX 2080 Ti Twin fan
MEMORY - HyperX Fury 16GB(8x2) 3200 DDR4
PSU- Corsair RM 1000x (80 PLUS Gold)