Question Integrated Intel Graphics is constantly interfering with Nvidia Graphics: I have had enough of this!!

Oct 11, 2019
I have an Acer Predator laptop with two inbuilt graphics cards - Intel HD Graphics 530 & Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M

I have had this laptop for 4 years. I have played a lot of games on this laptop in the past with no problems.
In the last two years, a lot of my games have started opening up to blank screens - THESE ARE NOT HIGH DEMANDING GAMES - (Golf with friends, Dungeon of the Endless, Beholder, hidden folks, minecraft, for the king - to name a few)

I have switched all these applications to run on the Nvidia graphics via the Nvidia control panel, I have changed the global settings to run on Nvidia graphics via the control panel. I HAVE DONE THIS SEVERAL TIMES, IT NEVER WORKS.

My only resolve was always to open the game, alt-tab out of the game, open device manager, disable the Intel graphics driver, alt tab back into the game, check the game screen works, then alt tab and re-enable the Intel driver. I am doing this many many times a day, I had no issue doing this, I was weary that constantly doing this may cause potential issues in future, but it was my only respite as this was the only thing that ever worked.
A quick note: Many of my more demanding games have no issues whatsoever! I open the game it runs on Nvidia and works absolutely fine

This week, I was playing league of legends, It had always worked fine before in the past, I never needed to disable my Intel driver just to see the flipping screen of the game! Now all of a sudden, the game is getting massive framerate drops out of nowhere, I ran task manager in the background, and found out that my Nvidia activity was dropping below 50% during these fps spikes, and my Intel graphics was all of a sudden boosting up to 50%. Why on earth is it switching to a poorer GPU in between the game?

This is no longer just become a nuisance, it is outright frustrating and I am at my wits end looking through forums to understand what is wrong with my laptop. I am so close to just completely factory resetting my laptop to try and solve the issue.

Please any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, this hunk of junk has become such a nightmare its vexing me so hard.