Intel cpu w/ and w/o intergrated graphics relating to OC

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Jun 28, 2012
After reading several posts in the forums and posting a new build myself, i find myself in need of some clarification if possible. Like most i plan on building a 'budget gaming rig' (BF3 is the heaviest i will be playing) with a dedicated graphics card. With that in mind it made since to me to choose a CPU w/o an integrated graphics chip, specifically the Intel Core i5-2380P Sandy Bridge 3.1GHz (3.4GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623i52380P( ). However, like most the the i5-2500k was recommend as the best alternative. This particular CPU comes with integrated graphics. Why not recommend the i5-2500. It is my understanding that the 'K' represents an ease of OC. Is the none K w/o integrated graphics unable to OC, which does not seem the case or does the added integrated graphics give larger gains when OC?

In addition to this the mobo seems to play some roll in these chips w/ and w/o the Integrated graphics. I have read some postings stating that the, and please correct me if im wrong, 67 does not utilize the integrated graphics on some CPUs, but gives overclockablility. Does mobo chipsets utilize the integrated graphics to increase the overclockability of these particular CPUs?

I know that that was a mouth full but any links or information would be greatly appreciated.
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Jul 5, 2011
it shouldnt matter if you have integrated graphics or not, and the K is nessicary for overclocking, without it you will be lucky to get an extra few hundred MHz out of the chip

the motherboard chipset dosent utilize the IGpu for overclocking, some chipsets cannot even overclock

i would reccomend the i5 2500/2500k with a dedicated gfx card, its a great chip, and with a dedicated card the integrated gfx will be disabled anyways (unless you use lucid virtu mvp)
The non-K CPU's have locked multipliers, so that's why they can't be OC'd very far. As to whether the iGPU increases OC ability, no, but it doesn't decrease it any either. You can OC slightly with non-K i5's and i7's through the "Limited Unlocked" ability with Turbo, but only by 4 speed bins, or 400Mhz.

The 2500K is the obvious best choice because of the ability to OC when/if you need to.

You're correct that P67 doesn't allow the use of the iGPU, but Z68/Z77 are usually thought of as better boards overall, even though they don't increase OC ability (or decrease it).

It's a good idea to be able to use the iGPU if you need to for trouble shooting purposes in case of a discreet GPU failure, and so you won't have to go without a computer while you're dealing with a RMA (should the need ever arise).

My advice is to go with a 2500K/3570K and a Z77 board.
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