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Aug 21, 2019
My computer boots up and operates fine. Whenever watching video however (especially on a website with lots of little additional video ads running simultaneously) my computer won't last long (usually 5-30 minutes) before the screen goes black and says "entering power save mode" and the audio freezes with a creepy matrix-sounding glitchy noise for about 1 second then totally cuts out. The computer is still running at this point, fans are still running, power light is on but the screen is black with no way to get the monitor to run again. If I turn the monitor off and back on, it just says "entering power save mode" again and turns back off. The only way to recover is to force shut down by holding the power button down.

This is an old Dell T3500 work station with an Nvidia Quadro 4000, bought everything "refurbished" I've had it for 4 years. I just replaced the HDD with an SDD. That didn't fix it.
The GPU feels like about 150 degrees F to the touch. GPU Fan runs a lot and pretty loud.
Should I bother buying a new PSU first to see if it's that? the more video intensive things are, the faster it crashes. But I was editing music which is pretty cpu intensive and it never crashed, I think just with video. Does that Imply GPU?

Thanks abunch!!



It's possible that the PSU that came with the prebuilt system is giving out. You could try and drop the GPU into a donor system with a PSU that can deliver more power than the entire system needs to see if that exhibits the same issue on the donor system.