Question Looking to purchase a new laptop computer that is upgradeable

Mar 6, 2023
I am presently looking to purchase a new laptop computer to replace an Asus Vivobook 15 model F510EA/X510EA purchased back in 2018 that I believe featured an Intel i5 4-core processor, an HDD storage drive that I eventually upgraded to a 512 GB SATA SSD, and 8 GB RAM that I had also upgraded to 20 GB. Come to learn after 5 years that the majority of Asus VivoBooks provide fixed memory that is soldered to the MB that provides no memory slots to upgrade memory. Truth is, I am not looking to spend an arm and a leg to obtain what I was able to find back in 2018 in being able to upgrade memory as I was hoping to find a reasonably priced Asus laptop like I had found b4 that allowed me to easily upgrade memory, storage, etc. However, based on what I've been able to presently find in my price range, this appears to be wishful thinking. All considered, my question is: Will purchasing an Asus VivoBook laptop with a faster CPU, i.e. i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 5700U, along with an SSD PCie, make up for any performance loss in going from 16 GB to 8 GB RAM running Windows 10 Pro? I should also state that I am not a gamer in which event I use my computer primarily for developing interactive PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat in addition to working with jpeg, png, bmp, images in Adobe Photoshop elements, designing/developing websites using HTML, CSS, and JS, and browsing the internet, etc. Any suggestions, feedback regarding this subject matter would be most appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.


How much memory are you currently using on a typical day?
A faster processor and storage will certainly help with your workload, but memory use is relatively similar across hardware. If you are consistently over 8GB of RAM, I would recommend getting a model with more onboard memory, or open RAM slots.