Question Monitor goes black screen for seconds, connected to laptop when microphone is in use


Nov 19, 2014
Hello there guys,
I have an Asus TUF Gaming 504GD and everything worked perfectly.
I bought a 144hz Aoc monitor tested on other pcs without an issue.
On my laptop works just fine, but when i am playing games, especially Csgo, the screen goes black for couple of seconds and on again. I noticed, that only the screen on monitor goes black, since the monitor on laptop didnt got affected, and also the sounds was fine.
After many many and different type of tries, i came to the conclusion that the problem with monitor flickering coming when microphone is in use.
To be more specific, when i am playing Csgo i have the flickering, but since i disable the "allow apps to use microphone" and disable at all the microhpone, the problem goes away.
I have tried to change drivers(i am not sure that i am doing it the right way cause when i uninstall the drivers i have and restart the laptop, when it starts it has the same drivers again), also tried to make default microphone the micro of headset. Any other ideas?
One last thing, the problem doesnt come from headset, since the problem persists with both different headsets, and when sounds and music coming straight out of laptop.
Help me please cause i have already gone mad a month now!



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