I have a single Ethernet connection into my house that is wired back to the main router right the other side of the house which is approx 40m away. The whole main house is cabled but I want an Ethernet cable to my TV,DVD and ps3, plus I need wireless for upstairs in my room. My question is, can I use the same wire or unit to connect the 3 different scores?and is there a wireless extender that will reach the further 40m to my part of the house? Please Help!! I'm at tonybuckman@hotmail.co.uk


You may need to provide more details, if my answer seems off as I am not totally clear on all of your issues. A single Ethernet cable from point A to point B can support many devices, just put an inexpensive switch at the distant end and attach all the other devices to that switch.

While you can use wireless repeaters to extend wireless range, I find that adding a wireless access point (or cheap router configured as an AP) works better. If you can attach it with an Ethernet connection that is best, but if it is in an area without any Ethernet connectors you can use a pair of powerline adapters (the 200Mbps or 500Mbps work best and both achieve around 50Mbps despite their higher marketing labels) to get the signal to the distant place.