Question Multiple drivers stop working, USB devices and internal wifi card disappear, computer doesn't restart

Oct 23, 2019
I wish that title were less hectic.

A coworkers laptop, Dell Inspiron 7586, has been running into the strangest issue I've ever seen lately. We bought it open-box from best buy and the drivers were completely broken, so the computer has a fresh install of win10 pro and all updated drivers using Intel's driver update utility. The wifi card was originally not detected, but the new drivers fixed it.

Now the computer works fine for hours at a time, then will completely randomly just forget about half of the drivers that it has. The network card will suddenly disappear. Doesn't show up in device manager, doesn't show up in network devices. No wifi. Additionally, the USB ports stop working for any new device plugged in. Any device that's already plugged in (like a mouse) works fine, but when I try to plug in a new device or move the mouse to a different USB port, it doesn't work at all.

When the computer is restarted, it sits at the "Restarting" screen for 10+ minutes with the spinning loading animation. It's an i7 laptop with an SSD so it absolutely shouldn't take this long, and consistently every time this issue occurs the computer doesn't properly shut down. After holding down the power button to shut it off and turning it back on, it works perfectly until the issue happens again.

The issue happens fairly rarely. Maybe once a day or so, sometimes even less. There doesn't seem to be anything causing the issue, it just happens.

The wifi card in the laptop is brand new (We replaced it since I have the same laptop and the card was dead from best buy, so we didn't want to risk it) and I cleaned and reseated the memory in the laptop just in case that was the issue. All drivers are up to date and installed, and I think the BIOS is up to date. Dell SupportAssist doesn't say it has any updates.

I have seen ONE BSOD presumably related to the issue. We were updating the laptop, and when it began to restart a BSOD appeared with the error code DRIVE_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

ANY ideas as to what might be the issue? Thanks


Apr 13, 2019
Here are a few possible fixes. First, I would try a clean install of your video driver. Next when your wireless network driver is working, go to Device Manager and double click on the driver, then click on the Power Management tab and clear the, "Allow this computer to turn off this device." radial button. You might also want to switch your power plan to High Performance,

If these don't work, do a clean install of Windows 10 and download and install the drivers from the Dell website You might also try replacing the intel chipset driver with the intel chipset driver from the Dell website. While they may be the same, if they are different, it might help solve some of your issues.
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