Question My new system is having a host of problems need any help I can get at this point

Feb 12, 2020
So ok my old system is here and I upgraded to this new build at Christmas and I have had too many problems so strap in. So when I first put it all together I had only 16gb of ram and a different motherboard and when everything was set and done I tried to log on to destiny 2 and got the broccoli error "graphics runtime detected a crash or loss of device" I have tried uninstalling my drivers with DDU and have run DirectX diagnostic and went into registry and deleted DirectX and restarted along with disk repair to my c drive along with windows diagnostic and at this point when I boot up sometimes I will get kernel security error and will have a VGA boot error light on as well, when I don't get either when I'm in firefox the windows will go completely white and I can fix it by tabbing back in on a video/stream and appears to only be when I'm not doing anything in the window or I am tabbed out of the window for a prolonged period of time. I have tried to all swap hardware except my new CPU (it works fine with my old build, I just haven't gotten a new 2700x) or a different hard drive to put windows on. I would appreciate any advice you guys have because I just wanna be able to stream and play destiny.

Update: its getting worse I got a video scheduler internal error and it's getting difficult to even watch youtube
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