Question Need nerd help with monitor issues


May 12, 2013
I have a Toshiba 55SK8000PUA as my main monitor and a Samsung S32D850 as my secondary. The Toshiba is HDR and the Samsung is not. I have HDR enabled on the Toshiba (also enabled via windows) and it works fine. However, there are occasional problems. For example, when I have HDR enable on my main (The Toshiba) and watch any video on my secondary monitor (The Samsung), any video, it doesn't matter the source or website or media player. just the fact that there's a video playing on my secondary monitor with HDR enabled on my MAIN monitor simultaneously, after about 10 seconds, my secondary monitor flickers and goes out for a split second and then comes back, but when it comes back, it looks very weird. You can barely make out anything on the monitor and it looks like super old video game graphics, like less than that of 8-bit and looks all distorted and you can tell there is definitely something wrong and the only way to fix it is to sign out of Windows and back in again or to reboot and the problem is fixed, until I watch a video on my secondary monitor with HDR enabled on my MAIN monitor.

If I turn HDR off on my main nothing screws up. I can watch any kind of video on my secondary monitor with nothing going wrong. I would like to know why this problem presents itself. It took me quite a while to troubleshoot this, but I know that HDR enabled on my main causes it.

Ok, now for the second issue. Sometimes, (40% chance) when I do something that has an HDR source, load a certain video, or start a game with HDR enabled, the main monitor cuts out for a second (normal) to swap over to the HDR signal and when the problem comes up, the screen will flash "snow" a few times and sometimes it's on the screen permanently, at least until I sign out and back into Windows again, or reboot. It seems like if the signal has been on an SDR source for a while (even with HDR enabled on the input of the tv and via Windows) and then swaps over to the HDR signal (starting a game etc...) there's more of a chance of this problem arising, but if I just boot up my PC like normal and then go straight into a game (that switches to an HDR signal) It always works, every time.

Any help is appreciated.