Jan 30, 2007
Hey everyone,

I have some temp questions about overclocking my ECS 9600GT with an Accelero S2 passive heatsink.

Well here is what i did. At stock speeds it was idling at 46C... Don't remember what is was under load. Well I thought that was a little too high so I looked around on google to see if there was a fan cooling kit for my passive Heatsink. Well I stumbled upon a mod some guy did where he hooked up an 80MM fan by ziptieing it directly to the heatsink.

Well I thought it was a good idea so i went to my local radio shack and bought all the necessary things to do it myself. Well it really did work. Right now I have my card overlocked to 750/1980/930. (Core/Shader/Mem) Well right now it idles at 38C and for some reason underload it says it also has the same temp. I run GRID at max settings for about half an hour to get the underload temps.

First of all is this a good overclock??? The stock speeds were 650/1800/900

Also should I try a more demanding game to see if I can get a better Underload Temp???

Also I thought people should know I could push it further. I had it set at 775/2000/1000 at one time. The only thing that would happen is that I would get a driver crash error. I wouldn't get any errors in games. It would just freeze the game for a second and then come back. When i would exit it would tell me that I had a driver crash error. It seems like I found my sweet spot though because after I back everything down to where I have it now i don't get that error anymore. BTW I'm using RivaTuner for OCing. Thanks.


Jun 10, 2008
I'd say those are very good overclocks.
I'd think that the game should be able to max it out fairly well as long as you have max settings (high res, high settings, max aa,af).


Jun 18, 2008
yeah really nice overclocks should have gotten the "turbo modules" (two 80mm fans i believe) for the accelero. nice overclocks tho mate!


Jan 1, 2007

this is the one i have.a updated version in fact thats got all connection at the back HDMI,VGA,DVI,Display Port,OC switch. it got everything and i got it for 980 RMB so about 145USD. the memory is the highest OC i have tried.2.4Ghz but core OC is a big let down.