Question PC Freeze then screen got no signal but sound keep playing

Nov 5, 2018
PC spec are:
CPU - i7-2600
MOBO - Can't open the case right now but it's from a Acer Veriton X6610G
RAM - 4*2GB
GPU - Club 3D Radeon HD7970 RoyalQueen
Radeon Software Version - 19.9.2

PC would freeze then screen wil turn off and I will get no signal, it happend once already when I'm typing this.
It would alway do this when I play games except Minecraft, it also happend a lot when I'm watching YT.

I already test the RAM and its got no problem. CPU and MOBO were together in the pc when I used it, also no problem.

So I narrow down it to the GPU, I tried using another cable/ connector already, no difference. The reason I use an old driver is I find it more stable then the new one.

What I think the problem might be is the memory on the gpu might be defective, I already check if it overheat or not but it doesn't got over the normal temp for this card but would crash when someting demanding is loading. it's not the psu since it's a new 500W and it should not pose any problem.

My friend will lend me a 750ti for me test it if it's really the gpu or not. I might also got check if there is something on the card itself like overpaste.



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