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  1. C

    Question CPU and Motherboard worth upgrading?

    Hi guys, as of now i currently have doubts if its worth the upgrade my processor to these days. Will be using it mainly for gaming and a little bit streaming My current processor is i5-7600k z270 msi gaming m5 Planned Processor is ryzen 5 3600x b450 motherboard
  2. J

    Question 9400f or 3600

    which one should i get for gaming and light workstation work. budget of around 300 dollars possibly 350.
  3. A

    Question Ryzen 5 1600 or 3400G

    I'm going to build a PC for my friend who'll use the setup for productivity (Photoshop, Coral, Aftereffects, etc.) in a budget under $600 only. I'm stuck on which CPU to have here. He's not going to game on it, and I initially suggested him R5 3400G so he can save money on discrete GPU, or R5...
  4. Gazownik

    Question New platform - AMD or Intel? / 3900x vs 9900k / i9 9820x

    Hey guys! I've been looking for some topics about choosing a proper CPU for gaming right now and couldn't find a straight answer. At the moment I've wanted to switch into Z390 chipset along with i9 9900k or i9 9820X but since the latter one is for 2066 I might reconsider it. Lately, a release...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] AMD vs Intel for Server/File Sharing

    I want to build a PC to serve as central file storage and server for my family. Maybe eventually I'll have time to run some games but that will likely not be a primary focus before the next major upgrade. A few years ago I would have said intel is the best bet as most of their CPUs have...
  6. M

    Question Question about upgrading to Ryzen

    Hello everyone. I wanted to know if it's worth upgrading from a i7 6700k to a Ryzen 5 3600x I haven't seen a video comparing these two cpus yet, so i wanted to know if it was worthy upgrading from this setup I currently have: i7 6700k Asus Maximus Hero VIII 2x8 Gskill Trident z 3200mhz Corsair...
  7. W

    Question New Office build Help?

    Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for a new office PC build, for 900$ Canadian or less, hopeing to get some parts on sale on prime day. Going to be using it for Microsoft applications, browsing, prefer abit “overkill” on what we need it for. In case somthing comes up in futer where we’ll...
  8. S

    Question Laptop not recognizing AMD Radeon RX 550 Graphics Card, uses Intel HD 630 Graphics instead.

    I have an HP Pavillion Laptop with an Intel i5- 7300HQ 2.5GHz as a CPU, which has Intel HD 630 built in graphics along with an AMD Radeon RX 550 graphics card. I don't typically game on it but I recently downloaded Minecraft on the laptop and looking up my settings, it's using the Intel graphics...
  9. arhamsaif

    Question I need suggestion for my gaming PC..Suggest me Intel i9 or AMD 3rd Gen?

    Hello! Guys I am going to built my Gaming PC with RTX 2080Super and I9 9900k what other component you suggest me buy? or I9 is better or 3rd generation AMD is better?? Please Configure my PC
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Which is better?

    Hello, what is better the Intel i5 9400f or the Amd 2600?
  11. B

    Build Advice I am planning to assemble a new system budget is 860USD = 60000 Rupees Max

    Hello there, I am from India and the prices of PC parts are high here and I have a constrained budget of "60000/-Rupees" which is roughly equal to " 860 USD" .This is the maximum I can spend. I already have a monitor , keyboard and mouse. I just need Info on MOBO, RAM, CPU, GPU,PSU, HDD,SSD ...
  12. O

    Question Hardware for CPU driven Neural Network?

    As an exercise I've coded a C++ fully connected neural network and am testing it on MNIST. The network is 784x512x512x10. I'm looking for the fastest reasonable CPU I can run this on. I've tried an i9-9900K with 4x 16GB RAM: 1 thread 3.8k training samples / second 15 threads...
  13. Penrose

    Question Ryzen 5 2600X or i5 9400F?

    I'm looking to build a PC with GTX 1660 (Gigabyte GTX1660 OC 6GB), 16GB RAM (3000MHz) and a 550W PSU. I just need to decide with either an R5 2600X or i5 9400F. I'm looking to play games like Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite on lower graphical settings. I'm looking to play over 144 frames per...
  14. D

    Question I need help choosing a CPU, Motherboard and RAM

    I want a good CPU between 200-300€. I've been reading information about CPU's and I thought this one was looking pretty nice: Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7Ghz --> 250€ I don't know much about the current intel CPU generations or anything about AMD so recommendations are welcome. Now the question...
  15. DDroid

    Question CPU upgrade

    Hello all, I have a rig with the following specs / components AMD fx 8350 4 Mhz MSI Geforce GTX 1060 6GB 16 GB RAM DDR3 Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO PSU Cooler Master Masterwatt Lite 600 ASUS Xonar DGX Sound card For reasons of a tight budget, I would like to make a CPU upgrade that would allow...
  16. JaSoN_cRuZe

    Question Intel vs AMD products pricing in INDIA!

    AMD products are generally overpriced in India when compared to their counterparts selling globally. Example Ryzen 2600 sells for 150 dollars in the US market, here it sells for 240 dollars approximately o_O. Whereas the Intel counterpart has decent pricing, Example Intel 9400F sells for 160...
  17. M

    Discussion Does AMD really suck in games

    First off all I mean the budget and mid range cpu's and gpu's from AMD Beacouse of so many games are nvidia optimized or made with intel, I fel like AMD is in disadvantage în the world of gaming This is how I think if AMD was divided în two companys like intel for cpu's and nvidia for gpu's AMD...
  18. V

    Question Overheating CPU(i9900k) in bios

    Recently i built a custom gaming computer, i used it for a couple of days everything was fine. However today something weird has occurred. while i was playing a video game, within 30 minutes, the CPU temperature reached 99 degrees Celsius. I restarted my PC. i got an error message that says...
  19. 4

    Question Should i change from intel to amd?

    So, I finally have a chance to escape from a dual processor which is right now is an Intel pentium g4560 3.5 ghz, but i have a hard time choosing whether to continue intel or abandon ship and go to amd. My motherboard is a GA-H110M-H-rev-10 that supports ONLY 7th gen and 6th gen. Now an i5-7100...
  20. U

    Question What combo should I go for? (Gaming/Streaming/Video editing)

    i5 9400f - 12799 INR Asus ex b365m v mobo - 6200 INR Deepcool Gammaxx 4000 - 2200 INR RTX 2060 - 31000 INR Total - 52199 INR OR R5 2600x (with stock cooler) - 18990 INR Asus TUF b450m gaming pro mobo - 8300 INR GTX 1660 Ti - 25000 INR Total - 52290 INR...