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    Question Intel Core i5-12600K vs. AMD Ryzen 5 7600: Best Choice for Creative Applications like Photoshop and After Effects?

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of upgrading my PC primarily for Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I'm seeking advice on selecting the best processor among the following options: Processor - Total cost in India (including CPU + motherboard...
  2. E

    Question Which old or new laptop brand and model is most upgradeable?

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop and would like to buy one that the CPU, RAM and storage are all upgradeable. Are there any models out there that come with these requirements ? I'd like to spend $1K - $1.5K if possible but will consider spending more if needed. Thanks.
  3. Eagl3ye

    Question Seeking Advice for Building a New 2k Gaming PC

    Hello Tom's Hardware community! I'm gearing up to build a new gaming PC and would greatly appreciate your expert advice. While I've done some research, I want to ensure that my choices align with both my budget and gaming requirements. My budget for this build is ideally between $1500-$2500...
  4. B

    Question Windows slow loading.

    I just bought this bundle and upgraded my pc,-asus-b650e-f-rog-strix-gaming-wifi,-gskill-flare-x5-series-kit-64gb-ddr5-6000,-computer-build-bundle I installed everything and I noticed windows is loading slower than before I...
  5. S

    Question Which CPU is used in the newest model cars that offer the latest camera sensing/auto-steering-assist and auto-breaking technology?

    Car companies with the latest technology like Toyota's Safety Sense 3.0/Honda Sensing/Subaru EyeSight/Tesla's AutoPilot These technologies help the car driver with auto-wheel-steering and auto-breaking. But I am wondering, what processor (CPU) is used in these cars? 1. Do these car companies...
  6. O

    Question Looking to build my son a high end rig

    Good morning everyone ! I'm looking to build my son the best computer he can get for $3000 CDN. I can install everything myself, but I'm not to familiar with whats the best hardware -For high end gaming only -windows 11 needed -1080p or 1440p ( 27 inch monitor) not picky on size but that's...
  7. FaithOnHuman

    Build Advice Advice on enhancing my editing rig - upgrading & optimizing it for better performance ?

    Hello everyone, I'm considering upgrading my editing PC. It's been five years since I built my current one, and it has served me well. I believe it's time to give it a performance boost. Please note that I am a professional designer and editor, so the new machine I want to build needs to meet...
  8. M

    Question Intel CPU suddenly using 50-100% of resources sitting idle in Windows after replacing GPU and PSU

    Hi everyone, long time reader and now needing a hand. I have recently upgraded my computer (from gtx 1070 to rx 6800xt) and have subsequently upgraded my psu to accomodate (650W to 850W, Thermaltake Tough RGB in both instances.) Since the PSU has gone in my computer has started to experience...
  9. A

    Question Amd to Intel- Help with moving

    I need to upgrade my 3700x/B450 combo to 13900K/B760. The PROBLEM is that I've got +300 games installed and +200 programs, 50% of which are essential for my work and have config files/templates/presets which would take months to track, something that I don't have. Reinstalling all the games and...
  10. sopno

    Question Rx580 might causing whea uncorrectable error

    So, yesterday I was playing Forza Horizon 5. Suddenly, I got a blue screen of death with whea uncorrectable error. So, I stressed tested my cpu, an i5 9400f. My cpu was in good condition, but as soon as I stressed tested my gpu, a gigabyte rx580 8GB, my pc showed blue screen of death again. I...
  11. E

    Question i9 13900kf vs r9 7900x3d

    I'm deciding between these 2, they are exactly the same in price. Also paired it with a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black, would that be good enough?
  12. H

    Question Should I buy Intel "F" series Processor or the simple one will work

    I am on budget is it worth buying "F" one as i already have a graphics card so display is not an issue As for specifics i am looking between Intel Core i5-11400 AND Intel Core i5-11400F For anyone entrusted i am buying from here
  13. T

    Question does liquid metal last longer than thermal paste on cpu

    does liquid metal last much longer than thermal paste in long term let say would liquid metal be a better choice i know it also might on the brand but let say it was the same brand with liquid metal and thermal paste would the thermal paste have longer run
  14. L

    [SOLVED] Intel i5-10400F + RTX 3060Ti vs Ryzen 5 5600x + RX 6700 XT ?

    Im going to build a new pc mainly for gaming and streaming, but also some graphic design work. I have heard that the best way to stream is to use GPU encoder and comparing the NVENC and AMD encoder I couldn't really find which one of these is better and more efficient. Some people saying that...
  15. Zuber Khan12

    Question Which one should i go for AMD RYZEN 5 3600 OR Intel Core i5-10400F?

    Hello Community, :) Hope you are all well. I need your suggestions, and views on this issue, i was having eyes on these 2 processors from long time but because of budget i waited. Now things seems in my favour and i am getting AMD RYZEN 5 3600 - 122.99 $ or 9999 INR. and Intel Core i5...
  16. E

    [SOLVED] I'm trying to decide- should i go AMD or Intel, which will be better future proof ?

    Hi, all my life i have bought all my gaming PCs with intel CPUs . but i always face a major issue- 2-3 years from buying a new PC when i try to replace my 2-3 years old gpu with a brand new latest 2-3x more powerful gpu to match my gaming need, my intel cpu always bottleneck and i cant even just...
  17. sefirosu7

    Question New PC build experiencing random stutters during gaming/watching streams, even after a few hardware changes ?

    Hello everyone! My friend and I recently built a PC (since my old one was really old). I had purchased a Ryzen 5900x about 2 years ago but couldn't really do anything due to financial issues. Fast forward last month, my friend finally helped me build it after I purchased all the components...
  18. G

    Question B550i Gaming networking problems (Asus Rog Strix) PingPlotter

    Hello, I am experiencing some problems and could use some help. Mostly these are networking problems, but I am also getting events related to my processor and experiencing performance issues so I've opted to put this in the mobo section. First, my specs: Asus Rog Strix B550i-Gaming motherboard...
  19. R

    Question Can't boot with two sticks of RAM

    I have an Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming that i recently bought a 5700x to update my Performance on the cheap. I upgraded to 6042 that supports 5000 series and now i can only boot with one stick of Memory on the Board. It won't boot at all with two sticks in. Things I've tried Tried another CPU...
  20. R

    Question Ryzen 5700x won't boot on B350

    I recently just got a Ryzen 7 5700x on sale. I have an Asus B350 Motherboard ROG STRIX B350-F. It says it's compatible with a BIOS update (6042 i think is the recent version?) which i did and i then installed the new CPU. It turns on and stays on but I get no post sound and no display. Was i...
  21. L

    Question Assistance for upgrade

    Hello all, I haven't been into the PC gaming for a while, and I am lost with the current hardware. I am looking to upgrade my current build, that is old by now to play current games and I think my GPU is kind of dead because when I run certain games, it tends to crash, and I have to reboot the...
  22. H

    Question i5 12500 + Msi Pro B660M-A or i5 12600k + msi Pro B660M-A which is better?

    i5 12500 + Msi Pro B660M-A or i5 12600k + msi Pro B660M-A which is better? If I don't overclock then can I use 12600k with Msi pro B660m-a . I wanted to get more cores to get better performance in productivity work but didn't have the budget to get a Z series motherboard. 12600k has total 10...
  23. G

    Discussion new build advice

    sorry for formatting, posting from phone. looking to do a modest upgrade for my current system. what's a good upgrade I can go without going over $700 current specs msi 990fxa gaming ms 7893 16gb ram ddr3 gtx 1660xc amd fx 6300 was looking at amd rzyzen 5 5600 series or 7 equivalent for 8...
  24. F

    Question My recent PC that I built in a rush, any thoughts on component selection?

    Hello! Its been a long time since I have been to the forum. Please forgive me if I make mistakes. So, I recently built myself a PC that will be primarily used for Video Editing with Premiere and photo editing with Photoshop and maybe some motion graphics with After effects but mostly editing on...
  25. Namiyami

    Question Ryzen 3600 Overheating

    I am building a computer for my gf. We started with a MSI240r v2 . instantly after installing the mobo hit me with an over heat message. I re applied thermal paste, plugged it into cpu fan as well as pump fan header . We now have a Corsair H100i Elite now, and the same issue persist . I got...
  26. Zola.exe

    [SOLVED] i9 11th gen or i7 12th gen?

    So, as I prepare for a new machine I'd like some headers on which would be the better option. An i9 12th gen costs double the price of those aforementioned processors in the title. Planned uses, with (at least) an RTX 3080: 3D modeling Unreal Engine Unity Music production Gaming Virtual...
  27. MoonGlaive

    Question Which combo is best?

    i`ve seen many amd vs intel productivity and gaming benchmarks but it looks stupid. i3-12100F + cheapest z690 mainboard here is = 110+260 R5 4500 + cheapest = 130+50 i know i3-12100F is better but its ultra weird to get a cheap cpu while have to pay tons of money on a expensive mainboard to be...
  28. C

    [SOLVED] which is better combo amd or intel?

    which is better combo for gaming? I'm from India. amd cpu and amd gpu Intel cpu and nvidia gpu amd cpu and nividia gpu intel cpu and amd gpu - I like 3080ti and 6800xt(performance per dollar), In these which is better for 1440p gaming and live streaming. Already I have 5 year old PC for...
  29. N

    Question Intel vs Amd. Worth waiting for i3-1220P or go with Ryzen 5 5500U? Also how does adaptive sync work in Intel laptops with an external monitor?

    An i3-1220P laptop seems to be around the same price as a Ryzen 5 5500U laptop where I live, which is better? I'll be using it for studying and some light gaming. I already have a monitor that supports freesync and want to make sure the laptop im buying will be able to make use of it. How does...
  30. B

    Question i5-12400 or Ryzen 5 5600x?

    So it is time for a new gaming build. I have only dealt with AMD in the past (previously had a ryzen 5 3600), and having trouble deciding which cpu/mobo to get. I have narrowed my choices down to a Intel i5-12400 paired with a MSI MAG Z690 tomahawk or a Ryzen 5 5600x paired with a MSI MAG B550...
  31. krelidas_34

    [SOLVED] Do NVIDIA graphics cards work better on Windows than Linux?

    A couple of years ago, Linus Torvalds starting grilling NVIDIA about the chips screwing up Android phones. He said, "NVIDIA, **** you!" and stuck out his middle finger. This made me conclude that NVIDIA just sucks for Linux and other Unix-based products. But as for Windows, NVIDIA's still...
  32. JQB45

    [SOLVED] I need to repair or upgrade, I need opinions.

    So my AMD Ryzen 1600 14nm desktop computer needs a new Motherboard and CPU Cooler. I have no interest in getting a used motherboard so the most logical choice is a B450 ATX if I keep the 1600. I'm also limited to the 90mm CPU Coolers due to case width. I'm not sure what the best...
  33. xLishu

    [SOLVED] When i boot my pc. Motherboard and gpu ports don't work.

    So this happened recently. In the morning everything was fine, but in the evening my pc starts all the fans spin, but pc doesn't boot none of the ports work. I tried removing the CMOS battery, tried to switching the ram slots. But when i changed my gpu to a older gt 610 everything just worked...
  34. Thousand gaming

    [SOLVED] Can I download and install AMD graphics on my laptop, which comes with only intel UHD graphics….

    How can I install AMD graphics on my laptop which has only intel UHD graphics
  35. H

    [SOLVED] Buying 5600x

    Is it worth buying right now the 5600x which is currently at 255 euro or should i wait for the summer or save a bit more for the i5-12600k which is around 290 but the motherboards are expensive.
  36. B

    [SOLVED] i712700K or F ?

    Hi Guys, looks like my good old & reliable FX 8370 + RX 480 already at his limit so this year I will try upgrade it, the usage of my PC mainly playing games now : World of Tanks, Warhammer Series, RDR2 (tactical and open world oriented) Upcoming : Warhammer Total war 3, Ready or Not...
  37. L

    Question Need help ruling out PCI-e slot or GPU itself

    As the title suggests -and I know this has been asked before- I am having a problem figuring out if it's a bad PCI-e slot or a bad GPU. I have a MSI Armor RX570 4gb, AMD; and I have been using it normally for the past two years (bought it early 2020). I bought it with one year of usage, but...
  38. T

    [SOLVED] High-end Gaming build thoughts?

    Hello everyone, I posted a thread here earlier where i asked for a build was "future proof" and that could handle games like Rust, Escape from Tarkov, Pubg etc etc with a 144hz monitor @ 1080p while being able to stream on discord. I'm just posting here one more time because i want to confirm...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] System upgrade under $1100? Details in the description below.

    So I have been using my Intel i3 6100 for over 4 years now. I think it's time for me to upgrade. To be honest I did not realize that I need an upgrade until I bought a GoPro Hero 10 camera that is capable of shooting in 5.3k 60fps. To my surprise even my 2 year old mid range Onplus 7t phone...
  40. thesexyfox

    [SOLVED] Help me with this second PC build.

    Hello, So, I am almost done finalizing or on the verge of buying my second PC build. My previous build : 2011 [ i7-960/DDR3/GTX-580] - sold in 2020. Note: Please post or suggest products available as per Indian Market. Some fancy thing available in .com or .us is just +$100 more expensive...