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Jun 2, 2020
Image 1 ; Image 2
So the other day, I accidentally poured coffee on my laptop and decided to clean the insides (motherboard, fan, etc.) using cotton buds and a dry cloth. The model of my Laptop is an Asus x507UF-BR003T. After cleaning the inside of any remaining stains, I decided to let the parts dry for a few hours before I put them all back together. After a day, I put everything back together. It powered on, nothing changed, but I noticed that the fan is no longer as strong as it was before, and the parts of the motherboard are reaching incredibly hot temperatures (See Image 1 and 2). Also, the keyboard keys on my laptop seems to be harder to touch than usual, and sometimes sticking. How do I fix this issue? Thanks in advance!


There is really no good way to know what you need to fix, it could be the liquid spill killed it, or it was not cleaned well enough or something got damaged when you were cleaning it. If your keyboard is messed up that can cause the issue, without actually having the system to look at and parts to swap out there is no way to say what you need to do. The overall fix would be to replace the keyboard first, if that does not work, the motherboard.


Testing with an external keyboard plugged in would be a good start to testing that out.

A few hours is not a good length of time to let everything try and dry. You can't take a laptop completely apart after all and there are a lot of nooks and crannies. I typically advise people waiting days to do this, not hours.
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