Question Random popping/knocking sound came from pc

Jul 19, 2022
Yesterday night when I gaming I heard some strange noise came from my PC. Its like knock or pop sound(just like you tap your pc case like knocking a door). I heard it only one time but couple days back I heard sound like this too and when it happens pc was in idle.

After sound there aren't any shutdown or blue screen and game or other works can do normally.

Here what I checked :- every cables are ok.
hard disk health is also ok.
cables are not touching fans
there aren't any burnt or bad capacitors on motherboard

PC specs :
i5 10400 with stock cooler
gigabyte h410m motherboard
8gb ram
Cooler master MWE BRONZE V2 450w psu
1tb hard disk
Gigabyte gtx 1650 super 4gb graphic card


My first thought is that something is a bit tight.

PC warms up, expands, and reaches some point where it is being "held" and pops loose.

After some amount of cooling down, contraction occurs, and then happens all over again after the next boot.

Check the case panels to ensure that they are all properly placed and not jammed in some manner.