Question Rebuilt Threadripper system doesn't POST ?

Jun 20, 2021
I have a computer that I built that worked fine two days ago. I put it in a new case and put a waterblock on the CPU and the GPU.

Everything is assembled, and nothing about the system has changed apart from the case and cooling. However now it doesn't work. Dr. Debug just displays a 00 error code. A monitor plugged into the graphics card wakes (the light changes from amber to green, and the screen changes from off to blue as it searches for signal), and then after a second powers back off (goes back to amber, and the screen goes black). There is no bios boot screen. There is no speaker attached to the computer.

I unplugged everything that can be unplugged from the motherboard. I took the memory out and put it back in (I haven't changed the memory of the configuration, though), trying different configurations supported by the motherboard according to the manual. I disconnected the graphics card. I plugged and unplugged the PSU cables (which are installed correctly). I tried pressing the CMOS button on the motherboard IO shield. I tried pressing it quickly and holding it down, while the computer was unplugged and everything was off. I tried using different slots for the graphics card. I tried plugging a fan into CPU Fan 1. I tried plugging it into CPU Fan 2 instead.

I haven't touched the NVMe or the chip seating for over a year. Not today, not ever. They were properly attached and working, and I didn't touch it. All I did was replace the coolers with waterblocks; everything stayed seated.

Everything is the same as it has been for a year, except for the case, the watercooling blocks, and a bunch of fans, radiators, and pump/res.

It doesn't work, and I am out of ideas and pretty frustrated. Here is the hardware:

  • Asrock TRX40 Creator
  • AMD Threadripper 3960X
  • EK-Quantum Magnitude sTRX4 waterblock
  • EVGA 2080 TI FTW3 Ultra Gaming OC
  • EK-Quantum Vector FTW3 RTX 2080 Ti waterblock
  • G.Skill TridentZ 32GB DDR4-3600 x4 (=128)
  • Antec platinum 850 W modular psu
  • Raijintek Acheron pump/res
  • Sabrent NVMe
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