Question Sabrent Rocket NVMe - Kinda shows in BIOS but not Windows. Any help?

Feb 3, 2021
Hi All,

Could really do with some assistance on this please!

Have a new build PC consisting of:

Asus B550m-A Plus Wifi
Ryzen 5800
Asus TUF 3070 OC Dual 8GB
16gb Crucial Ram

Windows is currently installed on a 500gb WD Green (480gb) SSD. I decided I wanted something quicker as things usually go this way! So decided on the Sabrent Rocket NVMe 1TB M.2. Also purchased the Sabrent Heatsink for this. So, powered down the machine, faffed and fiddled but managed to install NVMe with Heatsink to MOBO and booted up.

Windows didn't detect the new drive at all. So trolled through a few Forums and followed some BIOS instructions - it actually shows up in the BIOS, but not windows. Anyway, couldn't find drive on Disk Manager or anything. Decided to update my BIOS with the new firmware, went through the motions on this which was pretty painless. Until... once trying to sign back in to my windows account, it now says that I do not have a PIN and I need to set one up. Tried doing it but Microsoft is telling me 30 days before my changes go live. Mind Blown!

So I guess I am asking two questions here - Any idea how to fix the NVMe issue and also, how can I bypass the PIN on Microsoft log in?

Thanks in advance.