Question Weird GPU display issues


Jan 20, 2016
I have been having peculiar issues with getting no display from my GPU for just over a month now.

I have tried the following with various results

-Cleaning GPU (Worked a few times but hard to tell if it is just coincidental)

-Reseat GPU (Worked a few times but
again, could be coincidental)

-Reseat ram (Worked, could be coincidental)

-Uninstalled/Updated/Rolled back Drivers (Worked but could be coincidental)

-Updated BIOS (did not work)

-Only putting the PC in sleep mode (this worked for a entire day but then began the cycle of no display again)

I am so lost, it used to work when I changed to HDMI but then back to DP strangely, and it also used to work if I unplugged all the USB's devices (could be coincidental or maybe it is a PSU issue)
It would display when plugged in from the MOBO mostly, but not 100% of the time; Only one fan spins on startup, don't think it is a feature as the GPU is a HD 7970 and I am pretty sure they don't have this feature and not only that, the other fan begins the to spin then stops when booting, and I have ran Furmark and the GPU handles it pretty well.

I am so lost and just want this fixed. It could be anything, I am thinking GPU or PSU, but could be MOBO.
Help please, I'm desperate guys.
First make sure all cables that need to be connected are connected/seated properly.

Try the video card in another computer, and/or try another video card. This should either confirm or eliminate the original video card as the source of the issue.

If the original video card appears to be OK, then try another known working PSU in place of the present one. This will either confirm or eliminate the original PSU as the source of the issue.

If it appears that the original PSU is OK, then the motherboard is suspected of being faulty.