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Question Which parts should I upgrade?


Feb 17, 2014
So I have been away from the pc community for some time and my pc is quite outdated at this point.

I have an i5 4690k OC to 4.2ghz, ASUS z97-p board, 16GB RAM, MSI GTX 770 and a 650W PSU.

Obviously If I upgrade the CPU I'll more than likely have to upgrade the board and RAM, so what should I be looking to upgrade/upgrade to? (No specific budget but sub £500 would be ideal, also don't game massively, but would like to play games here and there) :vendredi:


Don't play games and want to play the odd game occasionally don't coexist. You may not play games often but if you want to pick up and play any modern game even just once you need the hardware. Does it justify the cost? That depends how much money you are worth :)

If it's just the odd gaming and you are not that hardcore consider a streaming service like GeforceNow or Google Stadia. A hardcore gamer that wants 1440p at 140fps with HDR and RayTracing will want modern system with a 2080 video card. But in your case to play the odd game for fun it throws value right out the window.

If you really want to up your system a Video card would give you the biggest benefit, but your CPU would bottleneck it quite a bit. You are at the point that getting a modern 2060super or 5700xt video card works, but the CPU bottle necks it. You almost need both at the same time. For the amount you game a streaming service might work, if you have the internet connection to support it.