Question Why does my router won't forward the port to my computer?

Jun 11, 2019
I have a netgear smart wizard router.
I created a custom service on the port 25565, added it to the firewall rules on inboud services, and checked on the website:
Error: I could not see your service on on port (25565)
Reason: Connection timed out

Anyone has an idea why?
The first thing is to be sure you have a public ip address. You should be able to see the IP the ISP assigned to you in your varies a lot between brands but most times it is displayed on the WAN setting someplace. You need to compare that IP to what the canyouseeme site displays. If these ip are different then there is another device in the path doing NAT and it would need port forwarding rules. Obviously if the device is in the ISP network you are not going to get port forwarding setup.

If you have a public IP I would next try the DMZ option in your router just to be sure it is not something strange with the port forwarding rules. DMZ is not recommended for long term use since it exposes all ports on your machine.

After this you have to start to question if the machine is getting the data and just not responding. This can be a application or firewall issue on the pc. If you get really desperate you can load wireshark on your machine so you can see if you really get the packets and what your machine sends in response. Wireshark can be overwhelming when you first use it.
Hard to say when you hide it. :) But that is the IP being given to you from the ISP.

You can lookup what the definition of public vs private ip are but rather than post the list lately I just tell people to do what you did. If the IP in your router does not match the ip google says you have then there is a nat router in the path. This almost always means you have a private IP on the router, I suppose it could be a public ip but then you would have a proxy or vpn running that was causing the IP to be different.

In any case I suspect you are out of luck as far as port forwarding goes. You could see if your ISP has a option to get one they may charge extra but it does not hurt to ask. You could also use a vpn provider like nordvpn, they have a extra option for a fixed public ip for about $70 a year in addition to the cost of the vpn service itself.
Public/Private IP can simply be reduced to: Private IP start with 10 or 172 or 192. Anything else Public IP.

Your Netgear has a WAN port and 1-4 LAN ports. Sign on to this box and ask what's the WAN port IP. If it's a private IP then the ISP modem is doing NAT, and that means you will ALSO HAVE to perform Port Forwarding on this box, IF you have access to it.