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Question Why does my ssd not show up when Im using PartedMagic?


Dec 23, 2015
Im trying to erase my nvme ssd because Im not able to boot into any of my windows usb installation disks, they always freeze or not boot at all. I read somewhere its because the windows is corrupted and the drive has to be cleaned. It makes sense because after I shut down the laptop while it was dealing with automatic updates it never turned back on. Whenever I try to start windows it says automatic repairing and it stays there forever.
So thats why I want to reinstall windows but I cant get to any of my windows installers, I tried Legacy and UEFI with SecureBoot turned off as well, UEFI doesnt boot at all, Legacy does but it usually just shows windows logo and then it freezes and everything stays black.
So now Im trying to secure urase my ssd using PartedMagic but when I click on Secure Erase, my ssd is not listed, not even my hdd.
Though even if the ssd or whatever drive that the windows is installed on is corrupted, shouldnt the usb windows installers launch just fine?