Question Why is my audio loud and distorted after a routine driver update.


Oct 4, 2021
I recently ran a routine driver update from a 3rd party program from my computer called Driver Booster. I have had problems with audio drivers using this program on other computers but never my own PC. The only audio driver that was Affected was "AMD High Definition Audio Device" Which from my understanding is only for audio over HDMI and such. For some reason after this update all my audio is extremely loud. I would usually leave my windows audio level around 50% but that now sounds like its about 200% and even on 5% it is still majorly distorted. I am using a Razer Kraken headset and I have tried reinstalling Realtek Audio drivers because I have had success by doing that in the past. I also tired updating the razer synapse program. If anyone has any idea on what would fix this issue it would be much appreciated.