Dec 16, 2021
The problem is in the title. I had many problems with my disks (like it running at 100% in games) i fixed this problem by uninstalling Geforce Experience and disabling SysMain.
To try to fix the download speed, i reinstalled windows (not formating it) and the problem still occurs. I think it's an app causing the troobleshoot, even though I have no possible idea of which one it could be, or an hardware problem. I don't think it's a malware, I did many scan with Windows Defender and it detect no malwares.
I have my Windows Updated.
When the disk is at 100% my computer is very slow, nearly unusable
The thing that use the most disk in task manager is the download source (Epic game for exemple) but it's "system" in the ressource monitor.
I did a benchmark test : (sorry for the "incomplete", i don't know how to use this benchmark well enough, you can help me do it lol)