Sep 15, 2014
Hey guys,

my laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 5 14ALC05 (Win10 21H2) for some reason cannot connect to the internet. Upon connecting, it just shows no wifi. I have reinstalled Windows multiple times and tried all kinds of drivers. Even USB tethering to my phone won't work with the original network adapter. I can still connect to my earbuds with bluetooth, however. Before it completely stopped working I always had a poor experience with the wifi on this laptop, but I thought my bad internet was the culprit.

I tried replacing the network card with an old one I had handy, and that one also does not work. Bluetooth works with it too. The replacement network card does not show up in device manager. I have tried some different drivers, as well as random fixes in the internet, to no avail. However, when this replacement card is in the laptop, USB tethering does work.

I have tried updating bios. Secure boot doesn't seem to make a difference.

Warranty is not an option.

I thought of upgrading to Win11 and hoping that might fix it, but my laptop isn't compatible with it.

Ideas? Any help is appreciated!

Original adapter: Realtek 8852AE
Replacement: Intel 3165NGW