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  1. GnoffPrince

    Question Desktop won't stay connected to WIFI

    I have a Windows 10 PC I built myself which has very recently run in to trouble connecting to the wifi where it will see the WiFi network, can connect to it but then will shortly after (or when I try use the network, I can't tell which) disconnect. Every time I run Windows Network Diagnostics I...
  2. M

    Question my ethernet port works one day and next no

    I bought recently a wifi extender (RE450) and, at the start works perfectly, but one day, when the power went out, my ethernet port starts working rare, while the wifi works right, the ethernet connections work great one day, but the next works with a lot of lag and latency, especially when i...
  3. Jyle

    Question Wifi works only without antenna

    My motherboard is the MSI PERFORMANCE GAMING B450I GAMING PLUS AC. For some reason, the only way I can use the intel wifi is by not connecting the two antenna that attach at the rear IO. The moment I do attach them, I'm cut off. I'm either given the "default gateway not available" error or my...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] My WiFi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting.

    And before you ask. Trust me. I've tried all of the common fixes for this topic. None of them worked. Uninstalling my Wifi Driver (Didn't work) Roll backing (Didn't Work) Disabling (didn't work) Updating Definitely didn't work. Anyone has a fix to this? Or anyone can relate?
  5. Carlixx76

    [SOLVED] Best way to Strenghten Wifi?

    I need a way to strenghten my wifi connection. My modem/router (Xfinity provided Dual Band 802.11ac) is about 25' away from my pc and I can't move it any nearer since I am unable to find the splitter for the coax cable in my house. I have browsed many wifi accesories but I don't know which would...
  6. R

    Question Constantly dropping internet connection, tried everything

    Okay, I just signed up here because I've given up hope of this ever being solved. I've tried just about everything and nothing has fixed it. This has a slight bit of backstory actually; Months ago I had my internet working fine. I got 2 new wifi adapters since my old one (plug-and-play usb w/no...