Question Windows 10 - Boot - Is my computer dead? Desperately needing help


Oct 6, 2016
At this point, i'm very desperate really don't know what to do.

Basically, i come back to my computer after a break and its all frozen.
I shut it manually, by holding pressing the power button. When i tried to start it, it kept loading forever and ever. I turn it off again and try to "interrupt" it while loading, so the automatic windows repair would diagnose my computer at the next booting screen.
Every time i get to that point (the automatic windows repair), it loads, i get redirected to a BSOD (error code: DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG), and thats whats happens every time. It then restarts my computer automatically and redirects me to this error code (0xc000000e) windows/system32/winload.exe. After this im pretty much stuck and cant do anything. The error code picture is taken from google, and i do not have the options listed below as he has. I have the top one, Press Enter to try again, and literally nothing happens but the same screen over and over.

I've made a bootable windows on my USB, to try to gain access to the same options as the automatic windows repair gives you. I've tried dskchk, on the command prompt and that didn't work either sadly - it gives me a error saying CHKDSK Is not available for RAW drives. Neither does NONE of the other options I have on the automatic repair after inserting the USB seem to work at all... I even tried to download the files from the bootable USB to my computer, but it did not give me access to that either. It gives me an error with the disk.

Can someone please help me out? I'm getting very desperate. At this point, i dont really mind if i have to wipe/delete all my files, as long as i can use my computer again. If needed, i can send or upload pictures of my settings on my BIOS.