Question Wireless and Receiver Interference: How to Solve it?


Nov 22, 2014
Hello folks, I have a very annoying problem.

I've bought a Microsoft 2000 Mouse+Keyboard combo, they are wireless and use a single transmitter.

Since then, I've experience some stuttering with the mouse, but only recently I've become annoyed to the point of buying another one. I've decided to buy an HP X3000 mouse, also wireless, but the stuttering seems even worse.

I've tested the mouse outside, and there's nothing wrong, and it even functions perfectly if I take the Microsoft receiver out.

The thing is: is there a way that I can "swap" the frequency that any of these receivers operate? Strange thing that this Microsoft receiver seems to be pretty bad to its own mouse too, it stutters a lot.

I've had a wired mouse to test, and no problems, and I thought there wouldn't be an issue to use two wireless peripherals on the same machine, because if that was true there would be probably no way to use them in a same work environment, correct?

Anyone can help me?

Already tried:
  • BIOS update
  • Toggling the thing in mouse settings about "scrolling background windows or something" (my OS is in Portuguese, don't know exactly the term in English)
  • Tried uninstalling the new mouse to make it find drivers again;

  • Does not occur on the same mouse on another PC;
  • Does not occur with the Microsoft Mouse on my laptop, neither with the pair, even with it being an Acer Aspire One;
  • Occurs on both in my PC, a little less with the pair than when I use the Microsoft Keyboard + the HP Mouse;
  • Does not occur with the different mouse if the keyboard receiver is not plugged as well, or if the Keyboard is used with a wired Mouse;
FX 8320 (stock settings)
GA 970a UD3P F2g (last BIOS available for rev. 1)
Running on a SAMSUNG EVO SSD 250GB
GTX 770 MSI Stock Settings
Cooled by an H110i

HP X3000
Microsoft 2000 (combo)


You can't change frequencies on the receivers. At times I found that moving the receiver around helps, get a USB extender cable a few feet long and try to place the receiver on the desk by the keyboard and mouse.