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  1. [SOLVED] Monitor seems "burned" and "glitchy" through Displayport, but works just fine in HDMI.

    I got a Samsung LC32JG50QQNZA Series Curved 32" which is just a little over 2 years old (and therefore, out of warranty). It's connected to a EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Black Gaming GPU along with two other monitors, one connected to HDMI and another connected to another DP. Image: You can...
  2. S

    Question Windows 10 Visual Elements are lagging occasionally But dosen't seem a performance issue

    Hey people , I just upgraded from win 7 to win 10 ( Clean install on new Disk ) some bothering problems I'm facing which one of them is lagging of windows explorer that occurs randomly most of the time on system idle ( Looks like being under load make it less likely to happen ) Doesn't matter...
  3. Question 144Hz not an option in display settings

    I have a R9 380 connected to a LG 27GN950-B which is a 4k 144hz monitor connected via display port. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get 144hz as an option in display settings. I run my PS5 via HDMI and I manage 144Hz. It manages 4k just fine but even when I switch to 1080 I get no option...
  4. F

    Question Does my laptop support 144 hz monitor through HDMI?

    I have an Acer laptop E5-476G-54U3 with a 60 Hz TN display I'm planning to buy an external monitor whiches ASUS VG249Q or AOC 24g2 with their 144 Hz refresh rate Will I get to maximize the refresh rate output (144 Hz)? I'm also planning to buy a 75 Hz monitor if it couldn't, will it work?
  5. k0sm0

    Question Can anyone tell me which monitor has better image quality? XV240Y OR RG241Y

    I am in doubt which one I will buy, for now RG241Y is the one I am thinking of taking, but XV241Y wins in Response time (without VRB) and speakers Which one should I buy? If something is wrong with the writing I'm sorry, I'm using a translator
  6. A

    Question Dell s2417dg capped at 85 Hertz while being 144hertz

    My setup is 1080ti with displayport, that followed with the monitor. I moved and after upgrading my motherboard and CPU my max hertz was limited to 85 hertz even tho on my old setup it could reach 144 hertz.
  7. T

    Question Which monitor to choose?

    Hello friends. As the title says i need help with chosing myself a monitor. My current best pick is Asus vg259qr for 410 usd (i also found vg259q for the same price and vg249q for 100 dollars less, i dont know which of the first 2 is better) My budget is around 360 (420usd) euros max. If you...
  8. M

    Question Can a graphics card affect the hz of a high hz gaming monitor (144hz, etc.)?

    I recently got a new gaming monitor in which the hz would drop to levels of around ~70 at times while playing games. The monitor has G-Sync built in (not the compatible version) and my graphics card can be seen here. From searching online, it seems that everyone points to the idea that the...
  9. pxel

    Question Issues With ASUS Gaming Monitor

    I have recently purchased an ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ monitor from Newegg. It's my first 144hz monitor, and the high refresh rate is great, but I am having some issues. When I scroll down text, it looks like the text goes bold quickly before looking normal again, like smearing (This happens in...
  10. fRc_Lt

    Question 1080p main 1440p second

    Hey . Few weeks ago my second monitor died on me. Today i was thinking to buy new one , but got to that point where should i go for 1440p 60hz second or just buy 1080p second At the moment my main monitor is 144hz TN panel (BENQ XL2411P) . Plus will it be comfortable working with two...
  11. W

    [SOLVED] What's the catch with the VG240YS?

    I was looking to buy a 144hz monitor, and decided upon the Acer Nitro VG240Y. Only problem is that it's out of stock and I don't know until when. Then I stumbled upon this one! The Acer Nitro VG240YS. It is cheaper, as well as higher refresh rate, so am I missing something that makes it this...
  12. JojoErik

    Question How to fix monitor screem

    Hello, today i spot these white screen flickers. How to fix? it scares me. Ty. for your reply
  13. Choschil

    [SOLVED] Can a RX 5700xt run 2x27" monitors at 144hz in 1440p?

    I built a PC with an ryzen 9 3900xt and a RX 5700xt, 32 GB RAM 3200mhz and now I try to run two monitors at 144hz in 1440p during gaming, rdr2 and wolffenstein 2.. What Performance can I expect? Or won't it run anyway? I would be gratefull for your helping answers, thank you!!
  14. U

    [SOLVED] Choosing the second monitor for a working setup

    Hey guys! I currently have Samsung C27HG70Q (27", 2K, 144Hz, VA matrix). And I'm gonna buy the second monitor for a working setup (basically for multitasking like surfing in the browser, coding stuff and etc). Also, I want to notice I'm not working with any kind of video editing, graphic...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] If I set a 144hz monitor to 60hz, will it look any different than a native 60hz monitor?

    Okay, it's might be a silly question, but I'm just curious. I want to buy a 1440p monitor, but 90% of them comes with 144hz or higher. I'm used to 60 and it's enough for me. So if I change it to 60hz, it's not going to look bad or anything right?
  16. Dizturb3dwun

    [SOLVED] 144hz OR 1440p

    So, I'm using 2 32" 1080p 60hz monitors atm. THey are WAY too big, have a ton of backlight bleed, bad MS, color is off. Basically they suck. So I've been looking for an upgrade, and I started at 1440p 144hz. The issues, it seems like a decent one of those is running upwards of 400 bucks. So...
  17. T

    Question Refresh rate on multiple monitors

    Hey everyone, Who can explain me how the refresh rate works with different monitors? Lets say the main monitor is a 144hz, seconday 100hz and a third one 60hz. What will the refresh rate be while browsing and what while gaming? Thank you!
  18. JerrWolf

    [SOLVED] A few questions about Refresh Rate, Frame Rate, and Gsync.

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well in the times we're currently in. Before the questions I'll post my computer specs and the games I play. CPU: Intel i7 4790k (not overclocked) GPU: Asus Strix 980ti (not overclocked) RAM: 16GB 1333hz DDR3 (forgot the rest) Monitor: Dell S2417DG...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] Is a rtx 2060 6gb be engone for 144hz

    I have an RTX 2060 6gb(Specifically this one https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GeForce-RTX-2060-Architecture/dp/B07MQ36Z6L ) and I want to get a 1080p 144hz monitor. Will it be enough?
  20. J

    [SOLVED] choosing a new gaming monitor

    I want a new 1440p 144hz monitor to upgrade my old 1080p 60hz one. I prefer to have G-sync. I found 3 monitors that i like: ASUS XG279Q Aorus FI27Q-P lg ultragear 27gl850 Or another sugestion if you have a better option. max price +-700 EUR. What do you guys think, wich one of the three...
  21. P

    Question Does anyone have any clarity around HDMI 2.1 and it's impact on VRR with 144 Hz 2160p monitors?

    With HDMI 2.1 coming with RTX 3000 series cards, we'll have Nvidia cards where we have more bandwidth over HDMI 2.1 than we do over DP 1.4. I've hoped to find some article going into this in more depth, but it doesn't seem to be something people are focused on or talking about. This Tom's...
  22. D

    Question BenQ XL2540 only 144hz (aiming for 240hz)

    Hello, my BenQ XL2540, which always provided 240hz on 1920x1080 with my current setup, startet to just work with 144hz max. Setup: CPU: i7 9700k Motherboard: Asrock z390 pro4 Ram: 2x 8192MB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 DIMM SSD: Sasmung Evo 970 250 / 500GB - Crucial BX300 500GB GPU...
  23. D

    Question PC Issue? Graphics card failure or Driver corrupt?

    Over the last year I have had my PC monitor turn off and back on again during gameplay. Only recently it has started becoming a real pain and a massive issue in my life and work. Specs to my PC will be listed below. The few suspected things to make this happen were to be my Powercolor RX580 Red...
  24. S


    Hey guys! I’m in the market for a new gaming monitor. I also edit films so that could be a factor in this comparison. I’ve found that these two seem to be the best IPS gaming panels for 1440p out there right now, as far as features and specs go. Which should I go with?
  25. raton182

    Question FreeSync vía HDMI+ Nvidia GPU

    I have a notebook with a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with only a HDMI port running on the integrated 120hz monitor and now I would like to buy a 24" monitor (Viewsonic Vx2458-c) that runs on 144hz. The question is if the monitor FreeSync spec would work through the HDMI cable or not. Thanks a lot!
  26. C

    [SOLVED] Cheapest 1440p 27 inch 144Hz IPS Display for Gaming and Multimedia

    Hey guys! I am in need of a new gaming monitor as my Dell S2415H broke. I have i7-6700k with gtx 1070 8GB with 2 display ports. I want a low budget monitor which has 144Hz 27 inch 1440p IPS panel. (IDK if 1ms Response time is important). Also only IPS panels After a lot of searching i found...
  27. Arno__Dorian

    [SOLVED] Monitor comparison

    Hi guys, I m looking to buy a new monitor and I m confused between Asus VG278Q and the AOC 24G2. I need your opinions to finalize my decision. I play story mode, single player games mostly and hardly competitive. I have a rtx 2080 bundled with i7 8700 so framerates arent really an issue. Thanks...
  28. B

    Question Games under 100 fps feels laggy on 144hz monitor

    Recently I bought new 144 hz monitor and every game that doesn't run on 100+ fps feels like it's under 60 fps. I bought it because I saw that there isn't big big difference between playing games at 60 fps on 60hz or 144hz but it would be best to play at 72+ which I can. I saw that I'm not the...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] My monitor's refresh rate is not staying at 144 Hz, and I'm trying to figure out why.

    I don't know if it's an issue with my monitor or display drivers. I recently bought an AOC 1440p 144 Hz monitor, and it's been great. However, after playing a game for a couple hours and returning to the desktop, I can clearly tell the refresh rate is no longer at 144 Hz. Sometimes it feels...
  30. Lucasry

    [SOLVED] My screen flickers/flimmers at 144 hz

    Hey there! My screen flickers/flimmers at 144 hz, but when i turn it down to 120 hz, it works without hiccups. Any solves for this, or is it just broken? My screen: MSI Optix AG32CQ Video of it: https://vimeo.com/user119200782/review/436723280/24ce6e23cf
  31. B

    [SOLVED] 144hz monitor for non competitive gaming

    So I purchased my 144hz monitor for competitive gaming, but I also enjoy single player games as well. Games I’ve been playing recently include Hitman 2, The Evil Within 2, and Metro Exodus. I have a pretty decent rig, but I can’t achieve over 144 FPS with the settings on High/Ultra. So I guess...
  32. unreal13571

    Question MacBook Pro cable for 1440p and 144hz

    Hi, I have recently bought a new monitor at 1440p and 144hz. I am currently using a HDMI to usb-c cable to connect to my MacBook Pro 2019 and have the refresh rate set to 144hz but it doesn't seem to be running very smooth... there seems to be a little bit of screen lag going on, definitely...
  33. K

    [SOLVED] New 144Hz refresh rate, all games crash

    Hi all, I recently got a 144Hz 1080p monitor and it has not been the joy I expected, all of my games are crashing. Specs: 2600x @ stock Cooler Master hyper 212 Evo black 16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair Vengeance Gigabyte B450m ds3h GTX 1060 6 GB 650W Corsair CX600M Literally every game...
  34. L

    [SOLVED] cs go fps 144.g sync etc

    Hello. the problem is this- In cs go. if i have anything OTHER than +fps_max 144 in launch options for example (freq 144 or refresh 144 instead of +fps_max 144) the game gets screen tearing, is sluggish, generally unplayable. same if i set fps to 999. in NVCP i have V syn - ON and G sync is on...
  35. vulpestheredfox

    [SOLVED] Trouble Installing Drivers

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so I apologize if it's in the wrong place, or formatted incorrectly, but I'm losing my mind. I recently built a new pc, but after reinstalling WIN10 I'm having issues installing my monitor and driver. I've read about a million support posts and watched...
  36. AmarBiH

    [SOLVED] 1080p 144Hz with i7 4790K and RTX 2060

    Hello guys, I am considering buying 1080p 144Hz monitor to replace my old 60Hz monitor. I have a i7 4790K overclocked to 4.6GHz and a RTX 2060. Is that enough for 1080p 144Hz monitor to run games such as CSGO, COD Warzone, Forza Horizon, F1 2019... Cheers
  37. T

    Question URGENT: TUF GAMING VG249Q EU power slot and power cord

    Hi guys. Yesterday i received my ASUS TUF gaming VG24Q https://www.asus.com/Monitors/TUF-GAMING-VG249Q/ After unboxing i noticed it came with both an EU and UK power cord HOWEVER, the slot on the monitor is EU only/ not compatible with the female end of the UK cord. Will an EU-to-UK adapter...

    Question 144hz questions

    I'm searching for a main monitor 144hz 24-26" up to 200$ preferably TN panel because I read they have the fastest response time. I also read that nvidia made their cards compatible with freesync last year so I'd like the monitor to have that as well( I have a 1060 6gb strix overclocked) I'm on...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] Good budget 1440p 144 hertz monitor

    I’ve been looking at a second monitor for my computer but I’ve been having trouble finding one. Will my graphics card even be able to have a second monitor at 1440p and 144 hertz. I have the GTX 1660 Super thats overclocked. I would preform an ips monitor then a va or really good tn. I found and...
  40. teh_future

    Question 144hz the monitor gets blurry and @60hz it works just fine

    Hi, i recently picked up a Benq XL2411T. The place i got it from sold the cables separately earlier with a computer and only had the monitor left, which i bought. They advised me if i want to get 144hz refresh rate i need to get a DVI-D dual link cable which in this case the only one this...