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  1. F

    wifi code change

    change the wifi code
  2. O

    What's better for gaming? Gigabyte gtx 970 g1 or MSI Twin Frozr gtx 970

    I am about to buy one of them and I want to know whats of those both better for gaming. I am not going to do overclocking.
  3. R

    Struggling with R9 270 Drivers: trouble installing properly and blue screen - Windows 7

    Yesterday I switched from my Radeon 5800 series (don't remember which one) graphics card to a R9 270 OC edition graphics card. Windows installed its own driver for it, then I used the CD to install Catalyst Control Center and its drivers. I ended up getting blue screens quite often. So I removed...
  4. S

    Case for lots of bays

    I need a new case for my server. I've got 5x3.5 inch HDD's, along with a 2.5inch SSD. It's likely that I will end up buying more HDD's so I want a case capable of handling at least 10x3.5inch bays along with a 2.5inch bay. I don't want to spend more than £100 on it as the quality ain't that...
  5. L

    HP pavilion g7 battery not working

    My HP pavilion g7 laptop battery is not working unless its plugged in. Help!
  6. lukej92

    Prime95 confusion HELP

    I just ran prime95 because i have been experiencing bsod and have tried just about everything, thought id give this a shot. Anyway, First time i run it 4 workers failed pretty much straight away (maybe 5 minutes in?) Second time i run it 2 workers failed after 30 minutes bringing back this...
  7. Ike0

    Headphones work in monitor, but not PC

    Hey guys, I have a 2x BenQ GL2450 When i try and plug headphones into my PC, it doesn't work. The monitor speakers see to be put first and plays even when my headphones are plugged in.
  8. I

    new to pc gaming

    Would this PC be able to play skyrim with good mods Intel i5 4460 Nvidia gtx745 1TB (64MB Cache) 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s hard drive
  9. S

    GTX 560ti heating issue

    my graphics card Zotac nvidia gtx 560 ti 1 Gb ram overheats t0 90 plus degrees Celsius during gameplay . any way of cooling it down? AMD 3.5 GHz AM3+ FX 835 8 Core Black Edition Processor Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard Seasonic 600W Power Supply Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10) i...
  10. Z

    Is this pc building worth?

    Im new in this of pc building, a friend of mine told me I should build my own pc and even gave me this parts CPU - Intel Core i5 3.1Gz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard - ASRock H97M Pro4 Micro Atx LGA1150 Memory - G.Skill Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Storage - Wester Digital Caviar...
  11. S

    will this mobo work ?

    http://www.flipkart.com/gigabyte-ga-h81m-s1-motherboard/p/itmdpyhgftcpughs?pid=MBDDPYHGFTCPUGHS&srno=b_3&ref=a0f026b3-84c6-44cd-8328-6e89433c2430 Is this mobo sufficient for i5 4440 Will there be any throttling Can I fit a wifi card and a sound card or atleast one?
  12. B

    Will all motherboard fit in full tower pc case

    Planning to upgrade my mobo from asus p5qld pro to msi z97. will msi z97 fit in antec twelve hundred
  13. G

    ECHO and XCOPY error

    I want to make a txt file through the Command Prompt using the ECHO command but it is not working ECHO F |XCOPY > C:\123.txt If you open the 123.txt file it should contain this: F|XCOPY
  14. K

    Router with best WIRELESS internet throughput

    So I can find 50 million reviews and tests on AC routers. That's easy. But I was hoping someone would have a stable enough internet line that they would run broadband tests on some of these routers via wifi and see who has the CPU power to deliver my 100Mbs or close to it. But I can't find...
  15. B

    First build help

    Hi im looking to build a pc for gaming, this will be my first build, i am looking for improvements on the setup below, thanks in advance case: Zalman Z11 power suply: XFX 550w XTS Gold optical drive: maybe cpu: intel Core i5 4590 Quad Core Processor Socket 1150 cpu cooler: Coolermaster Hyper...
  16. S

    Memory Failure Or Broken Motherboard?

    Hi guys how are you, recently I bought a new pc parts and Im getting a QCode Error 55, I have an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe B3 Revision, the memories that I bought for this motherboard was a set of two Kingston Fury Red HX316C10FRK modules 2x 4gb 1600mhz, I just tested all that i could, flash the bios...
  17. C

    Do i upgrade my pc

    Hey is it worth to upgrade my pc, and if so are my motherboard capable of optimal performance running new hardware. Processor: Intel Core i7-870 Motherboard Model: MSI P55-GD85 (MS-7585) Ram: 16GB PC3 12800 Grafik Kort: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Kenneth
  18. R

    New gaming computer, seems to automaticly overclock and BSOD. help!

    I recently brought a ASUS A88X PLUS and the Raedon R9 270X. I've installed them both and a new OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) and everything works perfectly until i start gaming. I can play Battlefield fine but my pc did randomly BSOD once but rarely happens, I play Watch Dogs and after changing the...
  19. G

    My PC Gateway wont restore please help,

    When I try to restore my gate way it dose not restore it pups up and message saying the partion is missing or someting like that it wont even boot. SX2885-UR10 thats my model. Please help! Its a desktop
  20. J

    Modded Skyrim Keeps Crashing When Saving!

    I bought skyrim a few hours ago and i got to the part you fight the dragon in whiterun. When i saved. It crashed. No error code. I have a enb and a few other mods installed. The last non modded save was when i escaped helgen :( PC Specs: AMD FX-6300 clocked at 4.2 Ghz R9 270 8GB Of Ram
  21. M

    sapphire r9 270x black screen & "display driver has stopped responding"

    hi all, i've been an avid reader of tomshardware for years but this is my first post. really hope you can help me with this - i've read all the usual forums and am not getting anywhere. first card down from amazon had the same issues, sent back - second card exactly the same if not worse...
  22. Q

    Putting Together Gaming PC for Friends

    Hey guys, I am in the process of attempting to convert a few of my old console buddies to PC, and am trying to put together a good budget build for them. They aren't really down to spend more on a PC than if they were to buy a next gen console, and it has been a challenge trying to put together...
  23. S

    Is VSync mandatory on 60Hz monitors?

    Hello, I have a classic full hd 60Hz monitor and with my GTX 980 Strix I see a lot of screen tearing. To fix this I set VSync to on and this fix the tearing problem, but in some games it adds a new problem: input lag. So my question is: to resolve the problem of tearing with a "standard" 60Hz...
  24. J

    Low budget first gaming pc build

    Hi everybody, been toying with the idea of building a pc for a while now. Unfortunatly, I am on a tight budget ($450). I went on pcpartpicker.com and threw this together. I don't know too much about hardware and how everything works together nor do I know much about what kind of performance I'll...
  25. T

    Raid 5 or JBOD?

    Hi, I'm just a newb of a kid who wants to install Linux on a Mac. Because it won't boot from a flash drive, I don't want to install drivers (I'm too much of a newb), and it stopped booting from cd, my only solution is to boot from a partition on the hard drive via Virtualbox (I'll let you know...
  26. James Tech

    Battlefield 4 activation key missing! Can't install.

    OK, I couldn't be more irritated right now. I just went to Target and bought a copy of Battlefield 4 a couple of hours ago and this is what happened. I opened the box, checked the contents and try to install the game, which I was actually looking forward to play because I can finally use some...
  27. R

    Will my overclocked AMD FX 6300 bottleneck my gtx 780? Please Help Need Advice!

    I have had an EVGA GTX 780 3GB SC with ACX cooler for about 2 and a half months now, and I have began to notice that maybe my AMD FX 6300 overclocked to 4.3 Ghz might be bottlenecking my gtx 780 when playing games at 1080p on a 60hz monitor. I have done some research on this subject and it seems...
  28. N

    nvidia graphics cards desktop/laptop GPU`s with same name

    so i have beeen wondering for a while, i have see nnvidia having graphics cards, with (for example) the name GTX 780, for desktops, and GTX780M for laptops. now, im wondering, do they perform the same, because, the same number would imply so, but on the other side, the desktop GPU is way...
  29. C

    BSOD issues ntoskrnl.exe

    I have recently been having many BSODs with my computer. The computer is a stock dell xps8700 with an nvidia GTX645. I installed an additional 16GB of RAM and an SSD. When I use blue screen review most of the time it says caused by ntoskrnl.exe. The BSODs mostly happen when the computer is...
  30. Azidaha

    AsRock Z97 Anniversary Dual Channel RAM problem

    Hello, I just bought a new MB and CPU - Pentium G3258 and AsRock Z97 Anniversary. Everything works and overclocks fine - 4,7Ghz stable with Evo212. The problem is, that when I put my second RAM stick (2x4GB A-Data XPG) the system can't start - no boot, no post. Screen is black (idle) and...
  31. L

    Computer does not start

    Hi, my computer does not start it just starts for a second beeps and shuts off and reapeating the process Help Please!
  32. N

    Hyper 212 Evo Zalman Z11

    Will the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo fit inside a Zalman Z11 Plus Case?
  33. L

    is i5 2400 work?

    Im gonna build my for gaming, My question : "Is the component fit the cases"? "Can i play game like watchdog on ultra or high setting?" "Is the PSU enough?" "Is the i5 2400 still good enough" CPU : Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz Motherboard : H77M-D3H GPU : Zotac GTX 780 OC 3GB Case :NZXT...
  34. R

    msi 750 ti 2gb twin frozer vs sapphire r9 270x ?

    msi 750 ti 2gb twin frozer vs sapphire r9 270 which was best..and i want new power supply at low price,
  35. Spellbreak

    Wireless adapter for PC

    Just recently I bought my first build and soon I'll have to move my PC away from Internet cable, so I need a wireless adapter. I have 2 options: Asus PCE-AC68 TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 The price of the Asus is about 35 EUR higher, but I really like the looks and 3 antennas which you can put on your...
  36. E

    Gaming/editing/colour grading build

    Building a computer for mainly gaming, but amateur colour grading (1080p, no SDI monitor) and editing on the side. Here's my current parts list: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/El_Mayo/saved/x8hj4D The main thing I'm unsure about is the motherboard: Will it overclock a 4790K well? I saw a very...
  37. I

    cant reach 4.2ghz why?

    for some reason when i overclock my cpu too 4.2 and i run prime 95 its crashes. all i do is change the multiplier and dont even mess with anything else. does anybody know why? 8 gigs of ram i have a fx 8350 970 extreme 3 r2.0 cx600 h60
  38. A

    How do I remove the "Send to OneNote" dialog box in OneNote 2013?

    Hello. Every time I use the "New quick note" keyboard shortcut (Win + Alt + N), a "Send To OneNote" dialog box appears as well: Is it possible to disable this box? I have no use for it whatsoever. A side question: Is it possible to get the old shortcut for "New quick note" - Win + N - back...
  39. D

    My PC is too hot 94celsius.

    Hello! Well, I recently have been experiencing that my PC is crashing and I notice it's way too hot. I can check it by putting my hand on the top of the case where the airflow sucks out the air.. The air is hot!! I downloaded SpeedFan too check how hot it is while playing counter strike...