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  1. B

    Fix the spawns

    Basically the spawn system has lots of potential to be an XP farm or just to screw with people, just..fix it.
  2. F

    Looking for help

    Hi guys, I have a problem about one month now. When I play games my monitor randomly goes black and pc still working. Spec: mobo msi 970 gaming Gpu amd sapphire r9 380 nitro 4gb Cpu amd fx 8350 8 core at 4.00ghz Ram Kingston fury 2x8 at 1866. Psu (new) coolemaster 750w m series. 80+ bronze. I...
  3. P

    Motherboard for video editing

    Hey guys , I want to build a Video editing pc. CPU: AMD FX8350 RAM: 8gb ram Fury X (+8 Later) Cooler 120mm ROM: 1HDD + 1SSD(later) I really dont know that to check on motherboards. I am trying to spend less than 90 Euros, so I can afford a better graphics card. Thanks a lot!
  4. Desertrobot

    Used Macbook over a used PC?

    Let me start off by saying that this isn't a suggestion for a main computer, my main computer is a gaming PC which I built, so we can leave out any worries associated with that. I'll be starting college in a couple of months and I really need a laptop. I've had a macbook in the past and as a...
  5. A

    Seeing this when I boot up my PC.

    Ok I just got my New GPU a XFX R9 390 and I wanted to see what I could do OCing it. I used MSI Afterburner and the settings were unstable so I had to restart. Now when I boot up I see this image below. https://gyazo.com/b0e3d3c251d4adae72d41adc04e24154 My PC still runs great and the GPU is...
  6. E

    oc i7 6700k okay temps ?

    hello is this okay temps ? its OC to 4.69hz
  7. D

    Computer lagging for no reason.

    So... Yesterday i left my computer turned on in economy mode (Energy/Power saving mode). This morning i restarted my computer with Normal Settings, but i saw that everything was loading very slow, lag spikes and other things. When i'm playing games some of them crash (yesterday they didn't...
  8. S

    What is better; A single Intel 750 800Gb, or RAID0 Samsung 850 Pro 1Tb?

    The time has finally come for me to ditch the old platter age and join among the ranks of the chip jockeys. Only deciding what to pick has proven difficult with somany options. The samsung set costs more overall, but that is largely due to it obviously having more space. Pound for pound, the...
  9. M

    Screen loses signal but PC stays on

    I've snooped around for answers to this problem but they were usually aimed at specific PC parts, but personally I don't know what causes this. The problem is that my monitor (and sound via speakers) loses connection with the PC but the PC remains running. The gfx card's fans still spin...
  10. Lunat1c

    Need some help please.

    I ordered 16g of kingston hyperx ram for my pc but I ordered the wrong one. I'm not sure what type goes in my motherboard (not really good with this stuff). I orderedhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00J8E8YZC/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and I have an Asus Extreme-Z IV board. Can you guys tell me...
  11. S

    Black Screen on Asus Q501L at Start Up

    Hello everyone, When I boot the laptop I can see the screen light up in the background but no video. When I try to access the bios it comes up very clear. However, when I click yes to enter the bios I get several lines on the monitor and then nothing...no bios etc. Any help would be great.
  12. X

    Best Budget GPU price maxium 150$

    I'm looking for the best budget gpu that can give good gaming performance while not giving me issues with my current PC spec, I currently have an AMD FX -4350. with a lmt78-usb3 mother board and a 400watt psu, I was thinking the GTX 750 ti or the R7 360, but if you have any other suggestions...
  13. J

    Cable Modem--- Unmanaged Switch ----AP(home router AP mode)

    I have recently set up my home network by this way :Cable Modem--- Unmanaged Switch ----AP(home router AP mode). Only AP Works,nothing plug into switch worked. How do I get things on switch work? Help
  14. D

    Upgrading my Gpu for streaming

    i bought a pre-built pc which i thought it was cheap overall and decided to upgrade it. Specs atm: i7 4790s LGA 1150 8gb ddr3 1600mhz Intel H87 (Memphis2) Micro-atx 180w psu 2gb ddr3 radeon r7 240 (lowprofile). From what i've learned i know i'll need to upgrade my psu ofc. My budget is...
  15. Z

    Windows 10 USB boot help

    I just built my first custom pc, and I have a bootable flash drive with Windows 10 on it. The only problem is I don't know which usb option I should use to boot the flash drive. In the bios it says Usb-fdd, Usb-zip, Usb-CD-ROM, and usb-hdd. Every time I try to boot from usb-hdd I get the "disk...
  16. R

    Replacing Motherboard and CPU

    Hi community, I am currently thinking of upgrading my motherboard and CPU but am unsure if my other hardware will also need to go Motherboard: AS ROck N68c-s UCC CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz Graphics-card: GeForce GT210silent (upgrade is coming) RAM: 8gb DDR3 1600MHz 240Pin PC3 12800 Hard...
  17. M

    Far Cry 4 very laggy with R9 380?

    I recently got a gigabyte r9 380 for my 6600k build. Far Cry 4 worked great, but I logged in the other day and it was very laggy. Under 30fps. Every other game (JC3, GTA 5) works great. Why is this?
  18. R

    Wireless Internet Shuts off Every 2 Hours

    Wireless Card: TP-Link WDN4800 Hello all, I'm posting this thread for some help for a friend of mine, so responses may be delayed. My friend is having an issue with his wireless connection. His card is listed above for reference. The issue he is having is his wireless connection drops every...
  19. xaephod

    6700K a lot more expensive than the 5820K???

    Funny, originally I was going to get a 5820, but it was more expensive and I don't do that much rendering, etc. So, in the end I figured on the 6700K, its cheaper and better in gaming. So, I go to check pricing....6700K=$413.90. 5820K=$374.99!! $40 more for the 6700K? What is going on? Go for...
  20. S

    Jumpy Ms/Ping in online games (mainly MMO's)

    When playing the Secret World my ping stays at 280-300 and then suddenly jumps to anywhere from 500 to 1500 ms. Is this because of packet loss? Any help or advice would be appreciated. This also happened when i was playing Star Wars The Old Republic about 3 months ago and the same thing happened.
  21. T

    Updating your BIOS

    I have an ASRock M3A760GMH motherboard. I wanted to update my BIOS but I can't find the update. I looked on the ASRock site but it's like the motherboard never existed. What should I do?
  22. B

    Razer Kraken audio not working

    I have a razer kraken and a few months ago my cat got to the audio splitter and broke it in half. I still have the headphones and the cord that connects to the headphones, and I have a splitter that can fit in the computer I have. The problem is, although I can hear through the headphones, I...
  23. D

    Nvidia GTX 950 causing computer to freeze and crash.

    I have just bought my new graphics card yesterday, I slot it in, installed the Nvidia drivers, restarted my computer, and took it for a test spin. Only to have my computer freeze mid loading screen in Fallout 4. I hard shut down my computer, and tried again thinking it was a driver issue or...
  24. F

    Is my 3DMark 11 score good?

    Hi guys. I was wondering if you could tell me if you think my 3DMark11 results are satisfying. My setup: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H i5-4670K Gigabyte G1 GTX970 16GB Hyperx Fury DDR3 Thermaltake Smart M550W I ran tests/preset under Basic tab, "Full 3DMark 11 Experience" and "Centered" checked...
  25. M

    Clone a Laptop

    Good morning Tom's Hardware. I am having some issues with my work laptop. For reasons unbeknownst to me it seems that more and more often I am losing what I have worked on. It is a 2002 custom build Dell laptop that I use nearly every day. As much as I would love to simply buy a new laptop, I...
  26. C

    Motherboard mounted bad

    I messed up a little when mounting the motherboard on the standoffs. It works but I used different screws like the one you would use to hold the gpu in place for the mobo should I remove them and add the right one. When you try to remove it the standoffs unscrew too. If I am to use a nut or...
  27. K

    R7 250x Vapor-x + A10-7850k 300w(frisby) psu

    Can 300w psu handle it ? i got a10-7850k and i will buy r7 250x vapor-x for play rust game. im planning to dual graphics but i see the sapphıre site says 450-500w but i cant buy a psu what can i do ?
  28. S

    Duel monitor set up

    Hello, I would like to know, do I need to have the same monitor to have duel monitors or can I have one 1080p monitor and one 720p monitor.
  29. T

    What PSU to buy?

    Hi forum. I decided to upgrade my pc to GTX 970 and I also have some cash left for PSU ~100 pounds. What do you suggest if I am planning to go SLI in the future. EVGA 750 G2? RM 750/850? Cooler Master 750V? CORSAIR ax860i?
  30. G

    Would this build be ok?

    Hello, this build will be for LoL, bluestacks and other not cpu/gpu intensive apps/games. Amd a4-6300 Asrock fm2a55m vg3+ Gskill/hyper x 2x8gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz Antec vp450p 450w Is the 1600mhz good for LoL? Is the psu good for this build? If not Choose a psu under 2k here Thanks!
  31. O

    Searching for a 5.1 headset, with specific needs.

    Ok so I have a really nice dedicated sound card for my computer. the ASUS XOBAR Phoebus solo. I am currently using the Razer Tiamat 7.1 on this card. The issue I am running into is regardless of how I alter the eq or the levels the 7.1 mode on my headset sounds rather dry in comparison to the...
  32. J

    What increases CPU temps?

    Does CPU usage, voltage, or clock speed increase heat? I was thinking voltage is what directly increases heat generation, am I wrong?
  33. C

    hard disk not getting read in disk manager and my computer

    last night I tried using my external seagate goflex hard disk(1 TB).My hard disk shows signs of powering on but does not get detected in both my disk manager as well as in my devices and printers menu in control panel.I had previously used my hard ware 1 day before and it worked flawlessly.I...
  34. S

    Question regarding upgrading operating system

    I am using an OEM operating systems (Windows 7 Home Premium x64). Will I be able to upgrade my operating system to a newer model, e.g. Windows 8.1 or 10? I don't care if I'd have to pay to do so.
  35. feelingtheblanks

    GPU Upgrade - R9 390X vs Fury vs GTX 980

    Hello folks, I've been waiting for months to upgrade my gpu, mainly because of the new AMD cards. Now that they are all out, I need to make up my mind and do that friggin upgrade. I currently have an Haswell i7 based system with a Sapphire Radeon 7870 OC edition. I also have a pretty decent...
  36. H

    Do i require a PSU upgrade?

    I have i5 4440 @ 3.1ghz 8gb Ram corsair vendenge 1600mhz+ 2gb kingston ram 1333mhz Motherboard Gigabyte Model H81M-WW Graphic card gt 610 2gb zotac which takes 300w+22amp but i don't know PSU it is maybe 250w or 330w i can run above things easily but i am thinking to upgrade to...
  37. CreeperExplosions

    Does the R7 250/250X need a power connector ?

    My PSU is 430watt But has no power connector for a graphics card. I want to buy the R7 250 or 250X and i was wondering if its Okay to use it without a power connector ? ,Ricky
  38. M

    A console looking PC

    Hello, I want to build a console looking PC, I found that case and I guess its suitable for to be console looking its called Lian Li PC-Q19 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112434#top The specs that I want to build would offer me the opourtinuity to play most games on...
  39. M

    Freeze No BSOD

    New build, 6 months old, experiencing hard freeze, display locks, sound loops (buzzing) no BSOD. Latter has occurred 5 times. Oddly enough never when playing games, always with firefox and chrome and vlc active at the same time. Forced to hard reset. Checked memory with memtest. Drivers are all...
  40. wheezer

    Dell Server PowerEdge R320 RAM upgrade

    I JUST got off the phone with a Dell parts rep, looking for upgrades for our one year old PowerEdge R320, and by now I am so damned confused I could spit... Because I trust in what I read here on Tom's Hardware, I'm turning to someone on this forum who might actually KNOW .. Can anyone tell me...