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  1. D

    Are there different Routers for different Network types

    I have a rogers Rocket Hub internet plan in Canada and plan to get a new router that can deal with my family's excessive bandwidth usage, and a few other things, but mainly our Ericcson W35 is a little outdated and keeps freezing to the point where we need to restart it once a day. Anyone...
  2. A

    Decent PC Build

    Hello, I want to upgrade the CPU, GPU, Motherboard or RAM of my PC. But I am on a tight budget of $300 only. I want to play modern games but not on ultra high resolutions. Maximum, I'll go to 1280x1024. So please suggest me a rig. I have been going through articles but i don't seem to understand...
  3. Mohd Mamat

    Best ATX PC case under $200

    I have a NZXT H440, and im planning to change the case since it bothers me that airflow on the H440 is too restricted, I had to open the side panels for usage, and since I lived close to the sea, and opening the side panels corrodes my GPU parts, so alternatively I wanted to find a case with...
  4. L

    How many drives can I attach to my ASUS P9X79

    Hello This is my first post so please go easy. 2 years ago I bought a new PC. It has an ASUS P9X79 Motherboard. Connected to it I have: 1 x SSD 250GB (Windows OS and Program Files) 2 X HDD 3TB (All my Data in RAID 1) 1 x CD/DVD Drive I am looking to add another SSD as my current one is...
  5. M

    Ram Speed Lower

    I have an overclocked AMD 8350 (4.7 Stable) and the ram speed is lower than advertised. Is there anyway to adjust this manually to 1866? I have 16 gbs of G.Skill 1866 installed and it is running at 1532. When you overclock typically the ram speed goes down, but I was wondering if there is...
  6. J

    Windows for old hard drive in new pc.

    I recently built a gaming pc and decided to pull a hard drive out of my old pc and use it in this build. What I need to know is what OS do i use? I see "Windows for refurbished pc" and "Windows for new pc" and I dont know which I use.
  7. I

    Haswell or skylake build.

    I am building a gaming pc for the first time. My budget is $1000 and i was wondering should i go with a haswell or skylake build? And why? I already own the 1tb WD blue and a corsair 750 Watt psu.
  8. B

    I just finalized my PC Build and plan to order parts tomorrow, any thoughts or important changes? Thanks Guys! I also wanted to know if SDRAM can fit into a DIMM slot. Also, unless there are serious issues with the build, or there is a much better build I can do with the same amount of money, please do not recommend a completely new build. Any Help is...
  9. B

    $1,000 Gaming Machine Build Help

    For my first build, I'm gunning for a $1,000 high end gaming machine. I hope this build will be relevant for a few years and be able to handle some upgrades as they become available (or come down in price). If it could have VR, that would be a huge bonus as well. This is the part list I came...
  10. B

    R9 380 Asus Strix Review

    If your looking for the best possible mid-end / mid-budget GPU, Then the r9 380 strix from asus is way up there! I own one myself, and for the money, its an absolute tank. Its such a beautiful looking Graphics card, A simple and stylish theme, And yes, It has a back plate swell that just makes...
  11. ccoo84

    Trouble With Iphone 5 Bluetooth Drivers from Windows 7

    Hi, I've been trying to connect my iphone 5 to the PC through bluetooth and it connects but its missing drivers they fail to install. I want to be able to hear the phones audio through MY SPEAKERS WITH NO WIRE in windows 7. Please and thank you in advance
  12. M

    What would be best to get first?

    im looking to upgrade my processor or get an SSD, my specs are; CPU: intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 3.40GHz RAM: 8GB GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Ti my HDD is 1TB with 651GB used and 260GB unused
  13. B

    Bought used PC that has pirate Win 7. I want to install my own genuine Win 7 without losing any info, How can I do this please

    Used PC with fake Win 7 I want to install genuine Win 7 without losing my files but how? Terry
  14. M

    GPU heatsink Overtight screws?

    Hi, I recently reapplied the thermal paste on my sapphire r9 280. Should i tighten the screws on the heatsink as hard as i can? Or is it bad? Thanks.
  15. Jorge_acosta

    So dual channel Doesn't mean double speed? Newbie to pc gaming here...

    Hello everyone, first of all, this is my current setup Gigabyte F2A68HM-S1 Motherboard AMD A8-7600 Radeom R7 250 APU Saphire AMD R7 250 2gb DDR3 working on Dual Graphics with the APU 16GB RAM (8gb ddr3 HyperX Fury 1600Mhz + 8gb ddr3 HyperX Blu 1600Mhz) 320GB HDD 5900 rpm Seagate Running Windows...
  16. K

    Corsair Link Says H100iGTX Cooler Fan is at 0 RPM

    The fans are moving, but not very fast; cpu temp is idling at 26c. Installed as directed, connected to usb header properly. Windows 10, can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Edit: I am able to change the fan speed via the config panel, however Corsair link still says they are at 0 rpm.
  17. H

    R9 280X Wrong flash and no display at all

    Hello guys , i accidently flashed my sapphire r9 280x vapor-x to wrong bios , my graphic is Hynix but i flashed it to 'epsilda' forgot the name , and now my graphic card is no display at all, i made a backup of the original bios before i flashed it , how can i reflash it back to the original...
  18. D

    Backing up and restoring an SSD to a HDD Windows 7 (SOLVED)

    I have a Samsung EVO SSD and I want to back up an image to a WD external HDD. I purchased Novabackup and backed the image up to the HDD. However when I tried to restore the image booting up from the disaster recovery disk, the source disk indicated was the SAMSUNG, it would not recognise the HDD...
  19. Horrgakx

    Outlook 2013 just refuses to work

    Hi - I'm at my whits end with this so far, my Outlook just won't work. This is the error message I'm getting; "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The of folders cannot be opened. The operation failed". I have tried the following; - Running outlook.exe...
  20. S

    6700 vs 4790K and more

    If you could only choose between 6700 and 4790k, which would you have? Also, Would you go for skylake over haswell with 6700? Going for similar build, Skylake would be $2~300 more expensive(excuding the cpu price) than a haswell, right?
  21. M

    can i install both ????

    i am planning to buy corsair 8gb ddr3 desktop ram cmz8gx3m1a1600c10 but i also has a ram of 4gb 1333mhz can i run both on my mobo motherboard= P8H61 M LX Rev 3.0
  22. Metalwell


    Hello, I want to get a new PC. FX8350 R9 380X 16GB TEAM DARK RAMS 1600MHZ GIGABYTE 990FXA I cant decide on the CPU, at the moment i have one 700W but i get kernel errors sometimes so it might my MOBO is broken cuz its ethernet card is not workin( it was struck by a lightning) my psu might be...
  23. K

    Aspire X3200 220W PSU - GPU Needed

    Hi, I'm for a Low Profile card which I can continue playing Diablo 3, GW2 and World Of Warcraft on. My current 9500gs card has just gave out on me. It was running the games, but on Diablo3 I had terrible loading screens. Can anyone recommend/advise on a cheap card to squeeze another 4 months...
  24. X

    First pc build feedback plz help

    Ok so I'm building my first PC and I would like some feed back if this is a good build to run any game at more then 50fps? Thanks nick!
  25. F

    Need help with upgrading gaming PC.

    Hi there! I would like to upgrade my system, most importantly my CPU, but I know I will also have to get a new motherboard. Top priority is running the most recent games at around 60FPS on medium/high settings, so keep that in mind. Please if anybody can help, suggest me the best options I have...
  26. D

    Will an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Fit in My Case?

    Hi, everyone, Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'd like to upgrade my Lenovo desktop from the GT 730 that came with the computer to the EVGA GeForce 970. Before I pull the trigger, I'd like to get some opinions on whether or not the card will fit. The card measures 10.5 inches in length...
  27. A

    Will a i3-6100 bottleneck a r9 380 2gb??

    Will i get a bottleneck or will it run well?? Thanks
  28. J

    Mobo for overclocking i5 4690K

    Is this motherboard good for overclocking ? Can i get at least 4.5 ghz with it ?
  29. A

    360 security locked my phone

    Enter Google account to unlock! Can anyone help me unlock my phone?
  30. Feliks

    Will this CPU cooler fit or hit my RAM/mobo?

    Will the GeminII M4 CPU cooler fit in my case and not conflict with my mobo/ram? I'm nearly positive it will fit in the case but am worried it will interfere with/run into my RAM. Anyone who has experience with that, please help. Case is Coolermaster Elite 130, CPU is i5 4590, Mobo is...
  31. C

    Blue horizontal lines on laptop screen, graphics card not initiating

    Hello there! First of all sorry for my iffy english, it is not my native language. I have had major problems with my laptop screen or rather the graphic cards after a two hour flight. On monday I went on a business trip to Spain (Zaragoza), where I will reside until the 27th of october. After...
  32. E

    Would the R9 290x work with an A8-6600K APU?

    Basically, I bought a gaming computer, and it came with an AMD A8-6600K APU, but no graphics card, i'm now looking to get a graphics card, preferably an R9 290X, and im not interested in the dual graphics thing AMD offers. Would an R9 290X work with my APU or would my computer continue to use...
  33. N

    GT 730 2GB GDDR5 good for gaming?

    Hello, I have an Intel Pentium G3258 3.2 (I can't overclock), 4GB DDR3 HyperX (1600Mhz), and awful HD 4400. Now, can I run GTA IV, City Car Driving, Euro Truck Simulator, Call of Duty 2 (2002), Minecraft,
  34. X

    May I add some fans for my build to make it better?

    so for this build can I add some fans and can you guys please tell me which type of fan is better and how many should I buy. Thanks in advance!
  35. T

    Windows 10 messed up my PC!

    Hi, I recently upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 and my monitor would just have a black screen no cursor or anything. I switched my HDMI cables that hook in to my graphics card to VGA that use the basic video adapter in the motherboard and my screen would actually work. I uninstalled Win 10 and...
  36. M

    Need help on installing a second router behind ISP-provided DSL router.

    Hey guys, So the story is that my ISP has provided me with a DSL combo router which also has modem and wifi capabilities. The router is not customisable at all as my ISP is very strict with these things and i have decided to explore my options regarding a second router. In the beginning i...
  37. S

    Windows 10 Update with Hard Drive

    I am planning on upgrading to Windows 10 July 29th. With that being said, I am wondering what happens to the data on my hard drive. I specifically have about 45 GB of video I need to save and some pictures. I rest I can download from the internet. When I update, how will I save this data? Does...
  38. Y

    Looking for a budget gaming computer at $450.

    Hey guys I'm new to the forums here, and I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong department or forum section. I'm looking to build a $450 basic gaming rig that can be upgraded in the future. I do not need a lot of storage so a 500 gb HDD or 300 Gb 7200 RPM HDD is just fine. I'm looking to...
  39. G

    Which grapics card is best for my pc?

    the GTX 750Ti or the GTX 750 Ti SC MY PC will it be able to handle it and will they be able to fit my PC,and which from the two is the strongest...
  40. W

    Upgrading components: Power Supply requirement?

    I've been using a TX 650M as my PSU for the past 2 years on this rig: i5 4670k OC'ed to 4.4GHz, Hyper 212 EVO Asus GTX 770 2GB Maximus VI Hero 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM Long story short, new games coming out, new cards, and a new job has sparked a upgrade frenzy, so to speak.. this is my...