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  1. H

    GPU and CPU 's temperature log program

    Is there any program that save the last temperature known of my GPU and CPU? Like a program that save the log each second. I need to know the temperature of my GPU and CPU during crash. Yeah.. Crash. Not BSOD. Just crash and auto restart.
  2. G

    Looking for a CPU advice First build.

    This has probably been asked before but I am new into building a pc. I've decided to take the plunge and build my own. Can't be that hard . I'm just looking into the cpu and motherboards and have no idea what to get. I was thinking of sticking with an intel cpu bit i5 or i7? This will be my...
  3. P

    Best sub £200 Graphics Card

    I've decided it's finally time to upgrade my old GTX 460 768mb with a budget of £200. At this price point what are my best options? Cards that I have currently found at around this price are: - R9 380 4GB - GTX 960 4GB - GTX 770 4GB Out of these which would be the best selection? Or are there...
  4. C

    Can i play Counter Strike Global Offensive on my Acer E14?

    I reacently bought a new Laptop. Its an Acer Aspire E14. I just want to know would i be able to run Counter-Strike: GO. Please reply asap. Thanks.
  5. P

    Why is my GPU underperforming?

    I just recently got an EVGA Single-Fan GTX 750 Ti, and it's not performing like it should. In games like Battlefield 4 at 720p low, it's capping out at 30fps. This happened to my other Zotac 750 Ti, which I thought was broken for this same reason. These are my specs: i5-2320 8GB DDR3-1333 GTX...
  6. K

    WIFI HELP Please

    I'm trying to log on to wifi and I'm putting in the correct password on my iPhone but it keeps telling to put the password in again and again i know the password I'm putting is correct cause i put it in a couple days ago. the wifi wasn't working earlier so i logged off and then tried to re log...
  7. S

    Can I boot two different computers from the same drive? (not at the same time)

    (I wasn't sure about which category to put this in, so if its wrong I apologize.) So in the current way that I live my life, I have two different places that I live, and I need to switch between these places quite often. As of right now I just bring my laptop back and forth. The problem with...
  8. HarryGRGamer

    Is a GTX 960 (4GB) compatible with a Asus P8H61-M LX3 Plus R2.0?

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a new gpu for my pc i'm going to replace my gtx 650 ti boost to a gtx 960 (4gb) but I'm wondering though if my motherboard that I mentioned above is compatible with the gtx 960 by the way the cpu that I have it's the Intel Core i7 3770 and for the PSU Corsair VS...
  9. F

    I am trying to install microsoft.NET framework 4.5.2

    But it keeps failing to install and saying that the configuration registry database is corrupt. I'm not sure what to do and really need some help.
  10. M

    Restore images from a formated memory card

    Hi guys, can you restore files after a formatted memory card after new files are written to the formatted storage?? Is there by any chance it can be done?
  11. X

    Minecraft - Players Around Me Are In The Air Randomly for 10 Seconds

    Hi! So lately I've been getting this really weird issue. My PC runs all good and with Minecraft always on over 1200 FPS (on singleplayer), but like 300-700 on HiveMC because a lot of chunks and stuff needs to load. I've been playing with my two brothers on Survival Games, but I get this really...
  12. D

    amd a10-5800k apu graphics wont graphics

    built a new computer installed windows 7 64 bit in it, amd a10-5800k apu and MSI A68HM-E33 Motherboard no video card My Aero is being dumb on my Win7 and everything no games will run, I did Windows updates for 2 days straight and everything is up-to-date :P. Got AMD catalyst to try and install...
  13. C

    Need help with install of Windows

    So I have a next h440 and Windows 8.1 dvd how do I get the dad to h440 should I go buy a usb or external drive ?
  14. L

    Gsync or not?

    I currently have 2 Asus VG248Qe 144 hz monitors. My system specs are, Asus Rampoage Extreme Mainboard Intel Core i7 5930 4.4 GHZ overclocked and liquyid cooled 2 Nvidia 980 SLi overclocked and liquid cooled 32 gigs of corsair donimator 2800 mhz ram 1200 wat power supply My question is I...
  15. D

    Gigabyte Gtx 970 High Temp

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Gtx 970 g1 Gaming, I heard these cards can keep really cool while heavy loaded. But I noticed that temps' are quite high on mine it starts rising while gaming and usualy gets up to 75 82 C range at stock clocks. Strange thing is that evan when I overclock + 150 on...
  16. T

    Did I blow all four hard drives

    I tried to install a second GPU into a 5yr old rig and once it had been installed, the computer would no longer see any of my installed drives. I tried hooking up a different internal drive to all the SATA ports to see if I can get the comp to register it, to no avail. I tried everything I could...
  17. S

    samsung magician rapid mode issue...

    im having an issue with the samsung magician rapid mode, i had the rapid mode enabled before then it starts telling me whenever i boot up my pc that rapid mode has failed to start. when i check it out it shows the requirements it needs, i look at the cpu it says it needs 1.00 Gh minimum...
  18. R

    My system says it can't find misconfig

    Using Firefox and Windows 7. IE and Chrome available. Tried Skype, screeching deafening feedback. Hung up. Screen went blank - pale blue with black rectangle top right. Then black screen and a big bad white message about a dreadful near-Blue Screen error. It vanished before I could read it...
  19. D

    first time overclocking a 2500k

    Hey I was hoping for some advice on what would be good yet safe settings to overclock my rig. I have a standard size (antec 300) case and no special cooling, these are my specs. Right now it runs GTA great but when I stream on twitch using OBS I feel like the CPU is a bottleneck so maybe I...
  20. F

    What graphics card works best on FM2+ Motherboards

    I have a AMD A6-5400K APU 3.6Ghz Dual-Core Processor and a GA-F2A68HM-DS2H motherboard. I cant decide what graphics card best should I use. Thank you
  21. M

    GPU Usage vs Vsync

    Hi Guys. Just looking for some knowledge etc. I have a 280x running with a I5-4570. I was playing Just Cause 2 and I noticed some weird usage in my system. With Vsync ON I have; GPU - 15%-30% Usage Cpu - 10%-30% Usage With Vsync OFF I have; GPU - 90%-99% Usage CPU - 40%-60% Usage Now...
  22. B

    Best options for antenna to home wireless

    Best options for antenna to home wireless A teacher friend lives near a school and was told he could use the school wireless as their primary internet source at home. From his house, the school is 400 feet away and my phone shows the school's wireless signal as -65db. There are no...
  23. C

    Mounting CPU tower cooler horizontally?

    Has anyone ever tried mounting their cooler horizontally? Any pros and cons about it? Update: I mean't for the mount to be blowing upwards.
  24. dylaneno

    2-week old PC suddenly won't load past MOBO Splash Screen

    Hey all, I recently invested $2500 into a brand new PC, had a guy put all the parts together, and 2 weeks later... The PC (with a SSD - Windows 8.1 on it; a 1TB HDD; and a 4TB HDD) won't load past the MSI Motherboard "Guard Pro Classic" splash screen. I tried entering bios or running boot menu...
  25. T

    Tablet reboot loop, no recovery mode

    Hello. I have a Titan tablet with Android in it, 4.0 i assume. The tablet has been in a reboot loop for about 5 hours now, every time i try to get into recovery mode it shows Lloyd laying down and a red triangle with an exclamation sign above him. I don't have the charger at hand so i'm trying...
  26. L

    First game build

    Looking to build my first gaming desktop. My budget is 500-750. I just want to be able to run Dayz standalone efficiently, any help would be great!
  27. F

    My first gaming pc !

    Hi there . I'm planing to buid my first gaming pc ....and i'm not a pro in pc components and etc ( i just know the basiscs ) ...and i'm on a budget ( 500 £ ) . I'm living in UK . Any adviices ? Thanks
  28. A

    FX 8350 70°C with H60.

    Hey I am wondering what are safe temps for the AMD FX 8350, Recently when playing games I have been getting as high as 70°C which I don't feel is safe. At Idle my CPU temp is 24°C and then 60-70°C when playing a game. Here is a link to a picture of the max temp...
  29. A

    is hp p028tx laptop good for gaming

    I thought of buying this hp p028tx good for gaming??
  30. D

    Monitor Goes Into 'Sleep Mode' After Displaying 'No Signal' When I Boot Up The Desktop

    Hey guys, So about a month ago my Desktop's CPU fan stopped working, I ordered a new fan and it just arrived today (I ordered it threw Ebay December 31, It arrived today Fabuary 24,) So i pluged in the new fan i turned on the Desktop before pluging in the Keyboard,Mouse,Monitor, to test if i...
  31. B

    Looking for large distance wifi catcher and repeater

    Can TP link TL-WA5210G repeat any encrypted wifi signals? I think it only repeat WEP secured signals, DO you have any idea for
  32. J

    Gaming PC for $500 With Parts already Bought

    Ok so i have a nice 4k Setup for gaming and my Girlfriend wants to join in on the fun and get her own PC. I'm trying to match my specs of my Original Setup before i went the 4k Route. Below are the original specs of my Computer which handled games at 1080p very well. I am looking to...
  33. J

    Case Cooling Solution

    I just built my very first computer, I'm using a cooler master n200 case with an AMD fx 6300 CPU and an EVGA GTX 750ti superclocked edition. At the moment I'm using the stock fans for everything. I know that these components may not need a whole lot of cooling but it gets very hot where i am in...
  34. G

    Graphics card Upgrade

    Hey guys, I am having trouble understanding exactly what to look for when upgrading my graphics card. I am a gamer and would like to know what are the factors to consider when upgrading. I downloaded CPU-Z and have all the specs: PROCESSOR: AMD A10-5700 MOTHERBOARD: 2AE0 (MSI) GENERAL MEMORY...
  35. T

    beest 750 watt psu

    Im looking at buying a psu. I need one around the 750 watt range but dont know what to get. My primary concern is quality and confidence that the thing wont blow up catch on fire or break other parts of my pc. I use my rig for rendering videos and a LOT of gaming i mean like 8 hours a day...
  36. N

    Unused Memory problem

    So my RAM has always seemed to never go above 7.2GB out of my 16 installed, but it never really bothered me. Recently I've come to have more programs open than normal, and now I can't even smoothly play a beta with my browser open. As you can see from the performance chart, its not like it peaks...
  37. L

    Cpu making noise?

    hello I just took my cpu out of my computer for a new mother bored and was wondering if my cpu makes any sort of noise, is this true? If so how loud would the noise be. Thanks Cpu: Intel i5 4670k
  38. kgrevemberg

    Will this RAM work with Z77?

    Hey guys i'm still running a Z77 system with an I7-2600. I was looking to upgrade my ram to a 16gig kit. I like the specs and price of this ripjaw kit. Im running this board. Asrock Z77 Extreme 4...
  39. S

    Can't seem to get AI Suite 3 to run?

    Got the Maximus Vi Formula, downloaded the latest version utilities pack of the support page for my mobo which has AI Suite 3 in it. Tried to run as both admin and normal user; process starts but nothing shows any ideas? Editing: Actually, something does happen but very quickly (SSD).
  40. D

    What graphics cards are supported by my motherboard?

    This is my motherboard: