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  1. J

    Does Model K501U Asus have battery access

    Black screen and need to access battery. No access plate on back.
  2. P

    HDD vs SSD impact GPU's performance?

    Going to show two links of result from test my same PC. The different is the Hard Drive-- the first one was using SSD, and the second one is using HDD: A) B) My PC is...
  3. P

    physics-y question...on hanging Panels to walls.

    hey, I didnt know where to I want to hang something thats 13lbs to my wall without damaging the wall (3M Command Strips). One 3M Jumbo Command Strip supports upto 7.5lbs. If I use 2 D-hooks with hanging wires (placed independently L & R of the panel), will the weight be distributed...
  4. A

    Need a Quiet Keyboard

    I'm looking for a quiet keyboard, doesn't have to be mechanical. Preferably under $50. Thanks.
  5. J

    Computer turning on but no signal

    I've built a pc for my sister because her 8 year old dell desktop just died. The specs of the new pc are: intel g4560, stock cooler, 1x8gb team elite ram, asus h110 something mini itx lga 1151 mobo, 550w seasonic 80+ bronze, 240gb ocz 2.5" ssd, Fractal design nano s. I have it plugged into the...
  6. K

    Noob looking for Gaming PC

    Hello all, new here so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Im pretty new to PC gaming but Im getting tired of playing on my crappy macbook. Im looking to get a PC for gaming but not wanting to spend 2000 dollars. Is it possible for me to build a decent gaming PC for 600 or under...
  7. B

    Swaping hard drives

    I have an HP 110 417c which my sons loves but it started to give us boot device error. I ordered a refurbished HP DC 5800 with windows 10 for christmas. Its graphic card will not support games. Can I take the hard drive out of DC5800 and put into 110 417c?
  8. P

    Gtx 760 on antec bp450s

    Hello does this psu suffice my need with a8 5500 apu along with after market cooler . I have 400 w which is not enough for it I think so brander dual rail 19amps would suffice the graphic card or it will still bottlenecking due to psu
  9. A

    What should I do with my i7-2700K?

    Hi, So I have in my drawer an i5-2500K (I love it a lot) and an i7-2700K. I do not want to sell them at least one of them and I was thinking about to build another rig. But obviously it is pretty hard, because I barely can find a proper motherboard for it and I really would like to have a mini...
  10. I

    Windows 10 Fresh install

    3 months ago i got a pc and got windows 10 on it, didnt give any key and it was kinda "free" and now im fresh installing windows 10 when im upgrading my cpu motherboard and ram. and since the free upgrade is over do i have to get a key now?
  11. V

    Does Windows 7 take full advantage of DDR4 memory?

    Is Windows 7 capable of taking full advatage of the speed of DDR4 RAM? Or DDR4 is only a Windows 10 thing?
  12. C

    [HELP] New Build Doesn't Work!

    Hi all, I just put together a new build. I powered on, and I've got a black screen, no BIOS or anything. My motherboard has a red led next to VGA. The rear fan is not working. Front fan does. MSI 1060 is illuminated but the fans aren't spinning. CPU heat sink is spinning. Build: MSI atx...
  13. C

    New PC will not POST how can I determine which part is at fault

    I'm working on an AMD PC I am usually an intel user, so I've run into a problem. The PC powers on just fine, I've tested the PSU, RAM, and Graphics Cards with a system I know that works and they work just fine. However, because I do not own another AMD computer I don't have a way to test the...
  14. J

    Game seems to be running worse since upgrading graphics card.

    Just had a new graphics card on my pc (Nvidia Geforce GTX 950) and the game overwatch seems to be running worse than it did previously with it freezing/lagging every 5 seconds or so. I have all the graphics settings on low and even this doesn't help. Could it be my computer needs upgrading...
  15. Stigma311

    Help with Motherboard

    Need to Know if a full Metal case will case a short with a Motherboard. I have a ASUS A88X-PLUS board. Last time i put this in metal case think power supply may have fry it. not sure. been 4 months since then, I keep in the board in a desk in it case since then
  16. W

    New DIY build. Has anybody used this combo of parts, for better or worse?

    I've been working on this system design for months.. If anybody has a system with at least 3 parts from this CPU-MOBO-RAM-HD combination, I would love to hear about your experiences, either good or bad. Thanks! - DK Approximate Purchase Date: 1-2 weeks Budget Range: $1500 - $1600 (firm)...
  17. D

    GPU Tweak ii won't let me go far on Overclocks?

    I have an ASUS DUAL OC GTX 1060. Since I got my 1060, I've been switching back and forth from GPU Tweak ii and EVGA Precision X. I honestly prefer GPU Tweak ii, but it won't let me go far enough. It only lets me add 90 to the core and 480ish to the memory. However, Precision X lets me go to...
  18. M

    Buying Rx 480 - Reference or AIB?

    Hello. This my first post after a lot of lurking. So I have a question for anyone willing to share some insight. I am buying a new Rx 480 in a few days at my local Microcenter, and they have both the reference model, which I find much sexier looking than the AIB Sapphire version. They have...
  19. J

    So I just installed new GPU and ran 3dMark

    Trying to figure out if it is good or not. Bought a new RX 480 to replace my 6950. So I ran the score and got 10378, it says it is better than 72% of scores which I think is good because the only people willing to pay for software to run benchmarks probably put some care into their rig. I am...
  20. Rafael Mestdag

    My FX6300(OC'ed to 4.6Ghz) is idling at 42 degrees celcius, is it acceptable?

    The max temp it reaches while playing games is about 60ºC. Is this normal for this cpu? Is it at least acceptable? I wouldn't like to Prime95 it since I'm almost sure it will BSOD on me. I usually play my games for an hour at a time at most, normally not even that.
  21. V

    Error code 0x80070057 On trying to install windows 10 clean

    Hi there im out of options and dont know anymore what to do. So i have bought an sdd and tried to format via usb everything seems good so far until i came to advanced tab and choose wich partition should i delete and format so i tried to delete every partition and make new ones and format so...
  22. S

    If Corsair vengeance 2x4gb 1600 with psu corsair vs450, what's will going on?

    My pc spec are: - AMD A8 6600k 3.9ghz - mobo gigabyte f2a68hm ds2 - Ram corsair vengeance 2x4gb ddr3 1600 - Vga Zotac gt 630 2gb 128bit ddr3 - HDD seagate 7200rpm - psu corsair vs450 Yesterday I've got a problem on my PC that, my PC always restarting anymore and more and more. What's the point...
  23. K

    Replacing mobo, not sure if I should also replace drive

    I wasn't quite sure what section to put this in, so I put in "system." My build is as follows: NZXT Full Tower (complete overkill, I know, but I was young and stupid) ASUS A78M-A mATX (about to be replaced with ASUS M5A97 R2.0) AMD A10-7700k (about to be replaced with AMD FX-6350 Black Edition)...
  24. C

    Recording drop FPS, please help.

    Hello, so I was recording FIFA 16 with OBS, like 15 minutes. I have a little problem, while I'm playing the game I don't see any frame drops, I mean the game runs very, very, very smooth. But when I finish to record and I watch the video, the video has plenty of frame drops, but the game runs...
  25. S

    Audio headset help gaming pc

    Hello everyone I've recently built my first custom pc build and i'm absolutely head over heels with it. I've had no issues at all game play wise. My graphics card is a geforce gtx r1 1070 and the headsets i currently use are turtle beach px24's which came with the amp and usb cable. I've...
  26. T

    How to Change Drives and Format the old Drive

    I posted earlier about swapping to an SSD but I didn't want to lose the date on my old HDD. I decided to give up on that and did a clean start of windows on the HDD and formatted the SSD. SO I am back to square one. What I want to do now is be able to clone windows onto the SSD and then format...
  27. E

    Angelica2, new fx 8350, heatsink no bracket clips on motherboard.

    I cant find a way to use the heatsink that came with the new cpu upgrade. No brackets on the motherboard. Cant seem to find a retention bracket or adaptor, for what i beleive is an AM3-b? Is there an adapter for the 4 screw holes so i can clip in this heatsink or any other ideas? Current old...
  28. S

    Uses of DDR 2 Ram

    I have an old pc aprox 7 yrs old i tried to overclock it by not having any knowledge about it when i tried to dtart it up it boots up and shuts down this happened more than 7-8 times So i completely dismantled it i am left with 2 2GB DDR2 Rams and a power supply idk what to do and a hard...
  29. A

    Cpu upgrade asrock mobo

    Hey guyz i've upgraded from e8400 to q9450 and pc wont boot with quad.Any suggestions?
  30. lofthouse1982

    GTX 750ti help bios settings

    Hi, I'm running a Geforce GTX 750ti graphics card and would like help with using the best settings in my Bios for increasing the voltage and overclocking the graphics card. I'm not sure what settings to use. I have had a go at using masterburner and other overclocking software but when i adjust...
  31. L

    Looking for alternative High Static Pressure fans

    Hello, I am currently looking for a good High Static Pressure fan model. I am currently using two Cougar Vortex PWM 140s on my x40 rad. I was wondering whether they are good enough for the job, and if not, what other fan models are better/as good and are near their price range. I have read...
  32. M

    Upgrading to a new card in a prebuilt

    I currently have a lenovo h50 PC which has a good processor (i5 4460) but the graphics is really lacking. It has a GT 705 which is no longer enough for my needs. In the maintenance manual it has a list of really low end video cards which you can reply the 705 with. As much as I'm sure that it...
  33. T

    Looking for a Gaming PC for Overwatch

    Hello! I am looking for someone to steer me in the right direction for a gaming PC build in order to run overwatch at max settings at 1080p resolution. I don't have a monitor nor do I have a copy of windows. I'd prefer not to pay more than 1000 dollars for this, the cheaper the better to be...
  34. T

    Advice First Build

    I was hoping to get some feedback on my current system build for a gaming PC. This will be an upgrade from an old gaming laptop. Thank you! Also, I was hoping to use this case not the one on the link above...
  35. H

    750ti in a foxconn G33M02

    Hey guys so the title kinda explains it all but the reason is i got two dell's for free with foxconn g33m02 motherboards and i put one mobo into a dell dimension 2400 case (more room) and i was hoping to put a gtx 750ti in it with a core 2 quad for a budget gaming pc. so tell me is there any...
  36. gumbob3

    How much to charge for computer cleaning? NEED Help! :)

    How much is reasonable for a high schooler to charge to dust & optimize a customer's desktop computer for them? GeekSquad charges $149.99 to Optimize & Clean someone's computer, which I feel it's way too much. Or $129.99 for Optimization, but no dusting. Ray's Mobile charges $75 (+$25 additional...
  37. Z

    DDR4 vs DDR3 SETUP

    DDR4 ram paired with DDR4 mobo VS. DDR3 ram with DDR3 mobo, which setup you think I should get?
  38. K

    Cant get into router console (

    Sitecom says that the way to get into the router console is to enter in the browser. I did that, it doesnt load. I have no idea what router default gateway is, does it has something to do with it? I did once reset the router and i got into the console, but i changed 1 thing, and i...
  39. S

    I can't tell if I have a regular pcie 16x or if it is four wired

    I currently have a dell xps 8900 desktop with 8 gb ram, i7 6700, 1tb, with a 960 ftw gpu... The problem I'm facing is determining if the other pcie 16x slot is "4 wired" or not. I am looking to add another gpu, same as above, in a sli format. However, I want to make sure that my mother board is...
  40. A

    Please Help Me finding the perfect motherboard for my first custom PC build!

    Hi Guys, i am making my first custom low budget PC here are the spec, please find me the perfect motherboard for this or tell me that my chosen motherboard is correct on not, if possible then please find me a black motherboard so that it can match with my case. SPECIFICATIONS Processor: AMD FX...