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  1. J

    i tried to reset a toshiba laptop model c660-162 but theres an error cant reset

    i tried to reset a toshiba laptop model c660-162 but theres an error cant reset
  2. R

    PC won't boot after Memory Management BSOD

    Gigabyte K7 Gaming X370 Ryzen 1800x Corsair LPX 32GB 3000MHz DDR4 CMK32GX4M2B3000C15 Gigabyte Aorus 1080Ti Xtreme Edition Corsair RM 750x Hey! Today i changed my ram speeds to 2133 for a 3000mhz Corsair LPX DDR4 in Ryzen 1800x machine with recommended latency 15-17-17-35 and set voltge to 1.35...
  3. nicklas_l

    Curved IPS 1920x1080p 27"-34" quality monitor?

    Hello. I'm Nick. I'm looking for a monitor with specific specs but in the jungle that is the monitor market today I can't seem to find the right combination. Everything seems to be 1440p VA nowadays... I need a good, high-quality monitor with the specs below. No budget compromises. Let it cost...
  4. A

    Ryzen gaming PCs

    Hello all, I am looking to build 2 identical computers with about $1000 dollar budget a piece. I really wanted to build one of those new ryzen PC's and because I've never built one before I'm not very informed on the specs and what I would need for sufficient gaming and streaming. Any...
  5. L

    CPU Usage 100%

    Good morning ! I've been having this issue for the past couple of months now. My CPU usage is through the roof for some obscure reasons. I have an intel i5-6600K. Whenever my computer is idle, the said CPU runs at about 40%, and when I start a game that used to run smoothly, it runs between...
  6. K

    Animation + VR + Rendering PC

    Hello all, Thanks for reading the thread and helping out. I am trying to build a decent pc for the office to do renderings (Vray Sketchup) and animation or VR. The purpose is mainly to use VR program called eyecad VR (eyecadvr . com). The program requires, as stated on their site the following...
  7. koperan

    Thermal paste on CPU contacts

    4 days ago i was cleaning old paste of my CPU and by accident got some(ARCTIC MX-4) on the bottom. I cleaned it off with a dry cloth till it looked nice and shiny. The pc is running fine as of right now but I was just wondering if I should take it out and maybe use some alcohol to clean it off...
  8. T

    This is getting out of hand...

    I was just wondering if anyone is seeing these 1070ti’s pricing going for up to $1000. I literally blinked and the prices jumped. You could get a high end 1080ti for that just a few seconds ago right? I built my first pc around Christmas with a 1080 and the gpu prices weren’t too messed up but...
  9. S

    NFS Shift: Freezing

    Hi Guys I installed NFS Shift. First it crashed on test lap , so i uninstalled Physx and then installed latest Physx. But then happened this : CPU: Pentium E2180 2,5GHZ GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB 4GB ram It goes fluently , but those lags are...
  10. C

    Z97 worth buying now ?

    So my current build is I7-4770 1060 6gb 16gb DDR3 2AF3 Mobo old (OEM) Looking to get a new mobo. So as the cpu is an 1150 socket, it seems like the best/newest chipset I can get for it is the Z97, I realise that this is an old chipset, but is it worth buying/will it hold up for a few years ...
  11. K

    Computer Randomly wakes istelf from sleep mode

    So starting last week, my computer will randomly wake itself from sleep mode. Not instantly, but after a few minutes it'll come right back on. One time it woke up and stayed on all night watching youtube videos, because of autoplay, which is not good since I have satellite internet with a data...
  12. V

    CPU VS GPU on budget pc

    simple question : would you go with : 1) ryzen 5 1600 + gtx 1080 ti 2) ryzen 7 1800x + gtx 1080 (or 1070ti) ?
  13. S

    How to replace USB port on Lenovo Yoga 720-151KB?

    Can it be replaced by itself? How hard is it? I've opened the back & saw the USB port. I can't tell if it's integrated onto the main board. Or is it kind of underneath, if I lift up that part of the mainboard (or the whole thing). What's the part number? I don't see it in the maintenance...
  14. A

    Constant black screens while gaming

    Sometimes in some specific games I get some "screen blinking", the screen turns completely black and the game continues. Normally I pause and close the game afterwards, but I have discovered that it only happens when I look into an specific place. For example, I'm stuck in a certain part of...
  15. T

    Upgraded PC with new CPU, RAM and Motherboard. PC turns on but no display

    I recently upgraded a few of my PC components, my CPU (+ cooler), RAM and Motherboard. When I turn on the PC all the fans spin and it appears to be powered on, however there's nothing showing on the display. I've tried multiple things, such as HDMI in the GPU and motherboard and also VGA aswell...
  16. T

    Brand new GTX 1050ti vs second-hand GTX 680 2G

    For Arma 3 and Total War: Rome 2. Same price. But this one Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb OC Low Profile Why it is cheaper, than ASUS?
  17. A

    power usage estimate

    i need help estimating power usage for a computer so i can determine what gpu to get this is the computer also include a mouse and key board thanks before hand and also i know its a crappy 240 watt psu but i...
  18. albpara

    What is the best chipset for i7-4770 nowadays

    Hi everyone! My motherboard died today so I need to find a replacement for my old 4th gen processor (i7 4770, no K). The problem is that I am not sure what chipset suits it best today... H87 was the one used 4 years ago but is it still the best option, there is no too much motherboards...
  19. S

    go to start

    trying to turn off Toshiba Flash Card
  20. W

    purchase remote sbx 1250

    Where to purchase remote controller for Toshiba SBX 1250 sound bar, or a whole new same system?